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  1. Thanks Tony, the information on the TB-training site was very informative T
  2. Thanks He's off on holls for a week or so, after that I'll get him to take some pics and do some more investigation Cheers T
  3. Not sure looking for possible causes, Stepson away for a week but will check when he's back, is the coolant circuit a closed loop or does it pull in freshwater from canal? it's a ford diesel should have mentioned that. Given the amount of water it's losing I guess it wouldn't be closed loop or it might have overheated by now? It looks like it's a car engine rather than dedicated boat engine that has been modified to run in boat. Thanks Tom
  4. Hello newbie here, stepson has bought a 1980’s narrowboat with ford 1800 Diesel engine. it collects water under the engine say six inches after a two hour trip, at first we thought it was coming from the prop shaft gland but it seems to be quite hot, so wondering if it’s coming from a leak in engine cooling system, the boat does have a water heater which is run from the engine so maybe this? has anyone experienced something similar at what was the cause/fix? Many thanks Tom
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