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  1. Hm I didn’t realise that thank you for the info
  2. Why do we have to make 10 posts before we can access this?
  3. Hm I might message my fuel boat and ask if they are getting a benefit at all Ah I didn’t realise permanent moorings is a council tax, so is it to your local council not to crt? That was the other thing, wasn’t there a council tax rebate last month, I don’t think we get this for crt do we Yeah I did mean live aboards
  4. Ah ok thanks. I feel they should help out the fuel boats too somehow. Also sorry I realised I made 2 identical topics by mistake 😕
  5. It’s for gas too though right? I dunno was just thinking much of our energy prices will be significantly rising too so would be very helpful for many boater households and probably just has not been thought of by those making the rule And it’s being paid differently for different households, like households on pay as you go key cards will be able to get a voucher. I feel like our fuel boats should be helped out similarly to other energy suppliers so that they can offer lower prices especially when considering second home owners are getting the discount twice
  6. Does anyone know if boaters can get this and if so how?
  7. Does anyone know if boaters will be able to get this and if so how?
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