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  1. Hi all, During the mid to late 80s my parents owned what I believe to be a rare 32ft centre cockpit Buckingham cruiser. Information seems to be hard to come by on these boats and even finding a picture is difficult. Although my mum is still fighting fit we lost my dad in a car accident in 1999 so i have precious memories of my early teens on the boat with dad and would love to know what became of her and if she's still around! We bought her in Oxfordshire (fenny compton) and had her transported to Barbridge where she was moored. Eventually she was regrettably sold as work took my dad to work abroad and she wasn't getting used much. Last we heard she was moored somewhere near Anderton boat lift but this was 25 years ago so very much doubt she's still there. I realise its a long shot but anyone seen any centre cockpit buckinghams on there travels?? Ours was a creamy beige colour and was named Lady Karenza. Does anyone even have any info on these boats?? The pic attached is not our boat but the same model, hope its OK to post but its the only pic I can find to show the model Thanks for reading, Chris
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