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  1. Hello, Does anybody have any experience lifting a narrowboat into the canal system in rotherham? Im transporting my boat from lancashire to rotherham but Im having trouble finding anywhere that accommodates a truck and crane. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Richard
  2. Hi Can somebody recommend me a surveyor or if you are a surveyor please get in touch. I'm wanting a Full Hull survey carried out on a 58ft Narrowboat built in 1990, in Middlewich Wharf, CW10 9BD. Please send quote please. Thank you all in advance. Rich
  3. Thank you both for your Thank you for the advice and the nice welcome it nice to be here. Thanks for the Advice i think ill look into it
  4. Hi All, I've recently bought a 59 foot narrowboat and I'm looking for a boat mover to move it from Middlewich Wharf, CW10 9BD to Rotherham & Sheffield Canal Association, S60 1AB. Can I ask if there are any that you guys would recommend for me that would do this trip please along with their prices or just their info and I would enquire. Or if there are any boat movers here could you either comment or DM me with a quote please ? Thanks all for your help in advance. Richard
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