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  1. Sorry yes it is between the glass and frame like you said almost seems to be coming away, and your right there is no real where the window slides. Didn't think about possible drain holes will have a look.
  2. Thanks for the swift reply's! I will get some pics next time I go down, the inside of the windows don't seem to leak at all inside the cabin, apart from the two which slide open and where they close and meet the frame you can tell they have been letting small amounts of water in for some time as the wooden interiour is soft and wet at this area (just a little) But outside looking at the windows there is a seal around them that seems to be coming out/perishing 🤔. Also there is what I think is called a port hatch at the front of the boat which seems to get allot of condensation on
  3. Hi recently inherited an atlanta 27 volvo penta v6 petrol engine, boat is on a canal, is in very good overall condition but showing signs of water ingress around the internal cabin windows, the outer seals are old and perished. My question at this point is how do I reseal these ?? Sikaflex any good for this ?? Thankyou in advance must be said also I'm a complete novice but very handy with most things but more than willing to learn 😅
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