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  1. Hi, I am new to having an eberspacher diesal heating system. I have a radiator in each room of my new boat. There are two valves on each radiator, a flow and return presumably. Flow is the main control to turn the radiator on and off. The return you set with an allen key. Am wondering what the return valves should be set at? Can adjusting them increase the temperature of the radiators? Is there anything I should know/ should /shouldn't do? Thanks.
  2. Interesting, thanks for that information. I will double check my facts!
  3. Apparently it's a thing with the more modern ones. I watched this video and also spoke to the guy from here:
  4. How is it with cleaning it out? The new ones don't have a removable baffle plate which made me wonder what the implications of this is.
  5. No worries 🙂 The Ekol Clarity 5 looks like a really good one. If you load it up and go out all day/night, how long do the embers generally last (ie. you can chuck some wood on and it gets going again?) Do you have a very long flue? Thanks.
  6. Indeed. One for the fire and one for the ashpan! I am not on a narrowboat! 5kw is the correct output for me.
  7. I am looking for a really good multi fuel stove for my boat. I like the look and sound of the Morso 04, but I am concerned it needs a much longer flue than is possible on a boat. And I just don't know if it's a practical choice for a boat as I haven't found anyone who has one yet on their boat.... yet. I'm very interested to hear if anyone has any experiences? Or alternative suggestions. I'm looking for a 5kw multi fuel stove. Ideally with good control for overnight burning. Two doors would be ideal like the squirrel, for control, but not essential. Defra approved would be nice, but not essential. I liked the Hobbit, but it's a little on the small side. I like the squirrel range (size is ideal), but not looking for alternative options. Thanks all!
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