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  1. AndyE

    Elton Moss

    Hadn't seen it - so many thanks.
  2. AndyE

    Elton Moss

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!
  3. AndyE

    Elton Moss

    Thanks Doug that’s really helpful. I was thinking in terms of a solo purchase, but at the back of my mind the boat share scenario was also lingering. You’ve just shone a bright light on that for me whilst at the same time reassuring me of the EM quality. Cheers.
  4. AndyE

    Elton Moss

    Thanks Rob, I appreciate the relevant comment… much more useful than the “banter” (bickering?) about maker’s marks.
  5. Any experience of Elton Moss? Both positive and negative views would be much appreciated. Only caveat to my request: I’ve heard all the Eton Mess gags that I need to, thanks.
  6. Good info, thanks LadyG. If only there were any TWs for sale. I think the owners very sensibly hang onto this strong brand. Really helpful thanks Peter. Yes, I saw the chimney looks drunk! I agree the wrapped stern etc may well have been intentional.
  7. Excellent psychic powers Peter ‘cos that was the boat that triggered my question! When you say clunky do you mean aesthetically displeasing (perhaps the wrapped stem?) or do you mean the execution (perhaps the weld quality?). Much appreciated!
  8. Thanks you and hope it continues to go well! Good info; thanks luggsy. If there are any notable pros and cons of XR&D then I’d be happy to learn.
  9. I agree with you Alan. It makes my blood boil to see people creating a new product, maybe new jobs, and making claims about said product’s innovation or differentiating features. Relaxing with a bit of GB News or the Daily Mail usually gets my blood pressure back under control.
  10. Good info, much appreciated! Who is doing the fitout? Also Pintail or a different company? (Sorry I would have PM’d but it looks like I’ve exceeded my quota of zero messages!? … I’ll work that one out another day)
  11. Sorry Alan I’m a little perplexed. It was Pintail I was asking about, not Dragon. How was your experience with Pintail? How was their quality? Value for money? Timeliness? How long ago did you buy your Pintail? I see their company (06412228) was incorporated in 2007, so I’d be reassured if your experience is recent. Many thanks!
  12. Absolutely. I’m aware of the lead times which is why I say “new or used”. But thanks anyway.
  13. Thanks to the thoughts from the eminent members of this community I’ve been converted from widebeam plans into seeking a sub-60ft new or used narrowboat. Now I’m trying to find a quality manufacturer (that can also give me the headroom I need… circa 6’6” in the centre of the saloon). thoughts and opinions gratefully received! sub-question… any thoughts on Pintail boats / Forton fit out … I can very little online. Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. My wife's now actively investigating narrow beam options for us in addition to the 10' wide beam we'd been assuming. She's also having a laugh tutoring me on my social media etiquette so that she doesn't get omitted from my questions. 😂
  15. This is really helpful, thanks. At the risk of opening a can of worms, would you be able to advise / know the sort of companies that would be worth talking to about this sort of layout? That is, a quality custom boat builder with something like a 12mo. lead time? Sorry for another naïve question.
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