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  1. Hi there again, so it was my error and I've been told that its £149. (I still don't know if its per metre / month). Anyway does anyone have any knowledge of Spade Oak moorings and if this could be an option? I've just put in an offer on a boat so will hopefully be joining this amazing community soon. I've got to get a safe mooring within the next month.
  2. Thank you for your input and I'm becoming more and more aware of things I hadn't thought of. I appreciate all the input. My research continues ......
  3. I'm new to boating and about to buy a 55ft narrowboat. I am looking for mooring for a month or 3 if anyone can advise me I'd be grateful. I was told there are winter mooring in Cookham for about 140 pounds a month, is this true?
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