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  1. I haven't got Moorings... I was hoping to just pull up for a few days, sling my stuff from the flat on to the boat then back on the Thames and up to Oxford and the rest of the network! Thanks for all your tips everyone, much appreciated!
  2. I'll be coming home with a few bottles! But what I'm really looking for is some experience...
  3. Thanks wanderer, I've fished the Thames in my youth and it just scares me as a river! I think I'll be alright, I just don't want to go into it all cocky when there are so many experienced boaters out there! It's exactly as you said, now it's my boat the perils are so much more obvious! Cheers for replying and hope I see you on the cut
  4. I've just bought a 58ft narrowboat from Pyrford Marina and want to take her straight up the Thames on to the K&A(I live in Reading) besides the river Trial I took her on, I've got no real Boat experience, any tips/tricks for me to keep in mind on old father Thames? And a real longshot but any experienced boaters heading up the Thames on the weekend of 2nd October? I'm going to France in the meantime so will pay with Wine for anyone willing to take me under their wing!
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