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  1. Yes I've seen this. Would be nice to stay but very expensive rates unfortunately!
  2. Lovely idea but wrong location unfortunately. We need to be based in Liverpool due to work commitments and have secured a mooring provisionally. Thank you for the info though, appreciated.
  3. All very good advice really appreciated. Exactly the type of info we need to consider to help us. Many thanks
  4. People wanting to enjoy the life they choose.
  5. Ok, so any helpful suggestions of what reduces limitations and what might be ideal? Thanks.
  6. Yes I am certainly looking to fully research every angle so thank you, I do appreciate your comments and no apology needed. Take care.
  7. Thank you. Really appreciate your comments and will certainly consider what you say x
  8. I do appreciate your opinions but surely different things for different people? There are many wide beams on the canals which seem to make a lot of people happy and although 'original' sizes are narrow and also fulfill people's desires, the options are there. Also if we do happen to prefer 'marina' life for the time being, based on our own personal circumstances then perhaps that is suitable for us as a first step. As I said we intend to learn all we can to prepare us for our 'early' retirement and what better way than to at least be living amongst like minded people. Obviously we will consider all aspects and decide what's best for us and hopefully along with advice including yours, we will broaden our knowledge to help us make informed decisions. So thank you, I really do appreciate your honesty. As for selling our house to fund a boat, again that's a personal decision based on personal reasons and we feel at this point in time it is right for us. Hopefully you can respect that
  9. Your advice is well received so thanks for your honest opinion. Yeah, may need to pass on the mangle, got my fingers stuck in one once.
  10. Thank you. We are complete newbies and have done 'some' research and been to see a few boats. We are specifically after a 70ft x 12 widebeam and although would consider a pre-loved, have not seen any that fit our needs as yet. We need as spacious a build as possible with 2 bedrooms, modern style living and lots of light. We love the idea of our own bespoke design which is why the new option may suit. We are selling our home and the boat will be our new home where we intend to learn as much about canal life as is possible before actually venturing out! We retire in 5 yrs so living aboard in the marina will be our main lifestyle for a while anyway. Cannot wait to be part of such a lovely community! We have been recommended Collingwoods builders although have read some bad reviews which is why I'm looking for genuine advice from experienced people. My cousin is a very experienced builder but unfortunately retired so any plans etc will be ran by him obviously but he's on the Isle of Wight and we're in Liverpool!
  11. Hi all. Buying a liveaboard from scratch and looking for any recommendations re builders/designers/fitters. We're based in the North West. Thanks! Jackie & John
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