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  1. Thanks for all the replies, they have been really helpful.
  2. Thanks looking at 62bhp on 59’ boat
  3. Thanks, can you say which one is suss?
  4. Nanni hydraulic drive 62hp w hydraulic gearbox and bow thruster Any information on this would be helpful. Is it something to avoid? Or would it be better/safer to stay with mechanical/normal diesel? Thanks
  5. All depends on the definition of recycling. The main point however is, to be aware of the health risks of DIY on Lithium cells.
  6. Thanks didn't know that. Lithium is expensive. There are lots of companies out there now that say 100%, big business recycling. Percentage of battery that can be recycled is 5% (BBC News Business 26/4/21). Maybe they haven't checked Google recently.
  7. Ecological wise Lithium is not good, and at the moment there is no way of disposing of them at the end of their life, though that will be sorted by that time - necessity is the mother of invention ... In Argentina most of the available water in the desert areas is used for extraction, followed by tourist hotels. Some indigenous cultures are dying out with agriculture not feasible. Brings another dimension to going green ...
  8. Thanks for the reply - I have bicycles, not motor cycles!
  9. Thanks for all the replies, it has certainly clarified things for me. It would be cheaper tbh, as I am about to buy my first boat, to buy a new boat, although at my stage of training I am in the wrong place, and it would be too expensive. If I remember correctly the Greenline engine is bigger, and then there is the amount of batteries, and fitting as many additional solar panels as possible. I don't have a car anymore, but a few bikes, so that will be a green contribution, and the health spin off as well. It's an interesting conundrum and something that will become more common till things change at some stage. That is a concern, but more for the younger people coming through. The younger are deadly serious about the ecology of things. The one boat I looked at, did not use coal, but composite pellets and blocks. There are organisations now that do not use bleach in domestic cleaning, and all that will be come more noticeable in time in every aspect of our lives. In time, we will just not be able to buy certain things.
  10. Thanks for the replies, all very helpful. This morning I rang Beta Marine. They tell me there is something that can reduce emissions, but the Beta 43, approx £8K, cannot be hybridised. They also told me that a new engine hybridised (Greenline I imagine) would cost £28K, but with the battery set up etc, would need to be fitted into a new boat. So it looks like utilising solar panels and so on. Things can change very quickly though, just look at the diesel car market, overnight just dropped like a hot potato.
  11. Looking to the future, with eco etc, is it possible to hybridise a Beta Marine 43 engine, in mint condition. Is it a big job and what would the cost be approx, 58ft boat?
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