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  1. OP here. Thanks guys and girls. Followed suggestions and yup, it was a loose connection. Easy fix. Will try some of the other recommendations to help stop it happening again.
  2. Beta marine Diesel engine. Turned the ignition and nothing. No clicking or noise at all. Just nothing. Batteries are relatively new and working fine lights, fridge, pumps etc. Ignition worked fine yesterday. What’s the most likely thing wrong? Thank you.
  3. As I recall I did as instructed by the battery manufacturer to the letter running the engine and gently reducing the revs after certain amounts of time that charge the batteries. It seems odd their own instructions would lead to this situation.
  4. Ok. Will give this a go and see. Thanks for all the advice. Take care everyone.
  5. Thank you. Will have a look. Just so I am clear, is the issue that I failed to fully charge the batteries in the first place because I relied on the monitor to tell me they were fully charged when I replaced the batteries. Should I have run the engine for much much longer to have fully charged them.
  6. Battery monitor is BM-1 Inverter is Victron Phoenix Multiplus 12V 1600/70 Forgot to add % indicator for monitor
  7. Good morning. I recently replaced my batteries and they work fine running the 12v devices but when I switch to my Victron inverter just charging a laptop drains the batteries in about 5 minutes. Before I would easily get a couple of hours of 240v power before any issues. The solar panels charge the batteries fine and I have a battery monitor so can see I am fully charged. I am not running anything else on the 240v. Just trying to charge a laptop. Am I missing something or doing something dumb?
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