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  1. Also very useful advice, fortunately I would not be needing to sell our house, I have the wife's parents (the dreaded in-laws) who live in an annex here and our 3 boys too, I intend for them all to use the house as couples or individuals and will most likely sell one of our rental properties and live from the income of the other coupe we currently have. Finances are not really the biggest concern fortunately however we have to be sensible and take everything into account, Certainly not millionaires lol and money can soon get swallowed up as in all life choices if things are not planned for in advance hence the work i am embarking on now in advance. Thanks for the pointers Patron definitely something to think about and budget for along with mooring fees, boat repairs, annual insurances and required certifications etc oh and the pressed apple stuff - like apple juice but for grown ups lol
  2. I think a narrowboat 57ft 6” would be the most suitable and allow me to roam more while most likely being more manageable alone as a novice. A wide beam large boat would I’m sure be more comfortable however it seems very restrictive on waterways and also I’m sure much more to maintain and manage.
  3. I would love to think that I will go before her however her maximum term is 2yrs if we are lucky. She had has had the cancer come back 3 times now despite radical surgery at such a young age. She is now a neck breather and it is extremely unlikely that she would go near a boat or any water past knee height as if she feel in she would drown as the hole she breaths threw in her neck is open directly to her lungs so you see this is a long term plan for myself as I don’t feel I could stay in our house without her. I used to have a boat back in my late teens in Scotland where I would go fishing with my uncle from Blackburn and fish the Leeds/Liverpool canal most weekends so this is why I’m drawn back to this when my life is turn upside down. But again thank you for the advice I do really appreciate everyone’s comments/advice and responses 👌
  4. I have been on the Warwickshire ring, the Leeds and Liverpool and the Grand Union into London and each had there own varied appeal, I would not wish to stay in one place when there are so many places to explore. Hence my questions regarding waterways and suitable boat sizes to navigate as much as possible over a prolonged period. but I do get where your coming from 👍
  5. Thank you and everyone else who have given such great advice, like I said this is a long term plan and I’m sure between now and then I will be reading many of your posts and advice forums while I’m sure adding many questions along the way but to start with it is good to know the limitations and not to get too carried away with a massive boat that will only allow me on a few of the waterways when a more modest and sensible size boat would allow me to navigate so much more. thanks again to everyone, it’s also great to know that the canal boating community is such a nice one.
  6. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately it’s not me who has the terminal illness it’s my wife, so when the time eventually comes I will be on the boat alone and the thought is to navigate the canals wherever and for as long as my health and funds of course allow I’m 48 and my with 41 so unfortunately I should have a number of years without her so will make the most of life and use the solitude for memories 👍
  7. That's just the kind of information I was hoping for, many thanks and super fast response. So looking at the Map so kindly provided it maybe possible to navigate all the Green and Red waterways with a Maximum 7ft wide boat and get from say Bristol to Leeds and possibly via a Tidal River (guess would have a little more experience time i got all the way up there) possible as far North as Ripon? Well i think that is plenty to be going on with lol. Thank you guys again so much for the response that gives me something to work with at least. My wife is currently having treatment but unfortunately it cant be cured but at least this will give me something else to think about in the short term and long term at least a goal to aim for. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi all who have time to read and respond, I have spent several weeks reading the invaluable information your members post here, the site is extremely useful and i think will soon become my bible and go to place when spending time on the world wide web. So as per the forum i will be new to boating having only spent time on boats that were hired for week breaks with friends and family over the years. Im also a fisherman (self claimed) so canals have always been an interesting place for me. Unfortunately due to wife's ill health i am reviewing the future and for me i see nothing better than a Narrow Boat on the waterways motoring along at my own pace taking in the great country side, meeting some new people along the way (hopefully friends in the making) and just taking life as stress free as possible and enjoying it more. That said in my research i struggle to confirm the following so am looking for a little guidance/advice if possible. 1, Is it possible to navigate from the waterways of the South all the way to Scotland? even if it would take a long time im not concerned with that i would just like to know if it is possible? I have found some waterway plans which seem to suggest it is possible but i was not sure. 2. If 1 above is YES, what is the best size boat? I see a number of wide beam boats and they look fantastic for internal living space however i am not so sure how practical it would be trying to attempt question 1, im sure there are restrictions on boat sizes on some stretches of the waterways and locks. It would be ideal if someone could give me a better idea of ideal size to navigate all (if there is such a thing) or maybe a percentage breakdown per boat size. 3. On one thread I was interested to read that someone went to Scotland on there boat (from the North already from what i could see) and ended up in Ireland on the waterways? Would this have been transported or is there a suitable crossing location to get from England to Ireland? O.k enough for now but im sure i will have plenty more where that came from. Please accept my thanks in advance for any time/response/advice you can offer and remember you were also a newbie at one point lol so be kind to this novice un educated potential boater.
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