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  3. So far all seems good with it 👌🏻👌🏻
  4. Hi All, so, after moving we’ve resolved the sound. It turns out it was the weed hatch plate banging against the weed hatch lid. thanks so much for all the advise and help it was much appreciated. Leigh
  5. Hey, do you mean that metal plate thing with the handle on I pull up when I remove the weed hatch lid? if so there seems there was rubber sealant on the lid under neath so I’ll put more of that on and see if it helps? Regards leigh
  6. Hey Matty, thanks for some reassuring advise. I will take a picture and show you. Now I can upload. we are 12ft wide and from what you described we do have plates built up of the boat floor and then the engine is mounted on here. ill take a picture when I can get some help lifting the board up again. regards Leigh Done this first. Nothing wrapped, though we did have a plastic box which was under the boat and the prop chopped up ?
  7. Ok, many thanks for the advise. I have placed some rubber seal and thinking of getting some sound proof for the board and side of walls in engine bay. This may help reduce noise a bit. regards leigh
  8. Thanks Alan, I do try to Keep it clean.
  9. Thought this also, tightened so let’s see on next move. ?? Hi Jen, not sure, will definitely try the rubber seal under the board. ??
  10. Hi All, thank for teaching me a new way to upload pics. My dyslexia kicked in yesterday and frustration not being able to share. I hope the pics make sense as I am disabled and found it hard to get in and out of engine bay. thanks all. regards Leigh I think we will try this as well ??
  11. I can’t upload the picture to show you all. File to big it says.
  12. It’s is the thread that has come off the top- it’s a bit of plastic- metal thread not stripped.
  13. Hey, the thread is plastic and it’s tight.
  14. Hi Tony, Thanks for reaching out. the bolts all seem tight, probably a bit to tight as I notice thread has come off one of the screws at top. it’s a 4 year old ABC build. I’m out with dog at moment so will post some pics when back. regards Leigh An Enigneer did tighten the top screws last year when we noticed it, it’s so frustrating.
  15. Hi All, we noticed a rattling noise especially on the Thames. We have a wide beam with 50hp Barrus shire engine. It comes and go’s but more when I turn the tiller. it’s driving us mad as it’s loud with revs on not pleasant to cruise with such a loud noise. we lifted the engine board and can’t hear it, our board back on and we hear it.
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