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  1. 38 minutes ago, Tony Brooks said:


    That is why I asked him in his first reply, but he has decided not to answer. If they are fluorests they may need a new fitting/inverter,


    The OP really needs to answer questions, even if he thinks they are not relevant.

    Thanks for advice looks like they are cheap bulbs and not leds

  2. 5 minutes ago, MtB said:


     Now that IS curious. Certainly suggests a power supply problem rather than anything to do with the wiring.


    What make and model of bulb is it you've fitted, exactly?


    Or if you don't know, it is an incandescent bulb or LED?





    Or failing that, post a photo of it please.



    Ipro lite plus 10 watt 12v

  3. Hi many thanks for that could you please send me a copy over the tank on the right has a plastic dome over it and the other tank has a metal top on it with ear shapes either side guessing that is the coolant. Sorry for sounding stupid but still learning thanks Tony. 

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