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  1. Many thanks for your help much appreciated
  2. Hi many thanks for that could you please send me a copy over the tank on the right has a plastic dome over it and the other tank has a metal top on it with ear shapes either side guessing that is the coolant. Sorry for sounding stupid but still learning thanks Tony.
  3. Hi I am new to boating have a diesal 1.8 bmc engine would like to check where I top up the oil thanks.
  4. Hi we are new to Narrowboat engine maintenance, have looked in engine checked engine oil levels but can't find gearbox dipstick help please thank you moe.
  5. Hi I am new to electrics on boat and some simple advice please.when cruising do I change from shoreline to generator,and do I turn invertor off when not needed thanks moe
  6. Hi we have just bought our Narrowboat in Crick marina, have looked at some WiFi packages and would appreciate if anyone knows any reputable installers as we not quite competent to install ourselves thanks.
  7. Hi boat is 58ft we have laptop tablet 1smart phone and smart TV. we will be continuous cruisers so will need strong Internet with unlimited data. we are reasonably capable and savie people.
  8. Hi we are just about to purchase our first narroboat as continuous cruisers and would very much appreciate advice for best Internet provider and how to install equipment for WiFi. many thanks antony Perry.
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