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  1. I just looked at the one I linked is a little far away but at least I know the type of thing I should be looking for
  2. All great points. Your guys are making this a lot less daunting so I really appreciate the feed back. Im condensing all the points and looking for a suitable boat as we speak. I am in stockport at the minute yes so Im sure ill be visting the 'deep' Rochdale canal at some point.
  3. AHH! gotchya! I'll narrow my search to a diesel inboard. Thanks as always
  4. I can confirm I will not be crossing the Atlantic in any kind of weather Thanks for the info. Im liking the look of a GRP boat.
  5. Just so I know im looking at the right kind of thing....is this what you are meaning guys? https://motorboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/viking-cruisers-32-for-sale/666669 Thanks
  6. Yes - the idea is to live aboard with my two dogs. I not afraid of a little cold (ex military). In terms of maintenance and life span what would you say the main points of a GRP cruiser would be? Thank you. I am wanting a live aboard but if kitting out a GRP is mainly just 'work' then with piece of mind I get from the that type of boat I would be totally fine with it. Im reading up on them now. Seems quite a good avenue to explore!
  7. Im looking into this now - thanks for the idea. Regards.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I am a very head over heart person but I think if I could find a boat in my price bracket that has had a survey in the last few years (that was good) I would feel more confident and would happy have another done. I totally agree that a survey is crucial and my figure of 1 - 2k was again based on the feed back from a broker (the 50ft boat I had interest in was from a broker and I visited it) https://www.aqueductmarina.co.uk/second-hand-boats/jenilka/ Thank you for the words of encouragement. I will keep looking (with my head not my heart) Gareth.
  9. Hi, The first one I could probably push to with a bit of financial manoeuvring but given what the brokers are saying, what's the chances of it being physically sound hull wise? Obviously id be getting a survey done but if the chances of it coming back as being good is low wouldn't it be kind of a waste of 1 - 2k (further depleting my budget) Thanks for the reply Gareth.
  10. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply. That makes a lot of sense. I thought it was worth throwing it out the wider community but as you say, the brokers are the business end of things so would most likely be a good source of truth. I just didn't want my ignorance and ego to lead me down a money pit path. Thanks again and I hope you have a great sunday. Gareth.
  11. First of all - Hello to everyone, I hope you are all safe and well... As the title suggests I am looking for some feedback as to what I can expect for my budget of 25 - 35k Background - I am a single guy ( 2 dogs aside) based in Manchester and have a chance of a mooring in the area so started (last month or so) looking for a narrowboat. Having looked down all the private avenues (facebook, gumtree, ebay) with no success Then, I found a traditional 50 foot 1998 Liverpool built narrowboat. I was initially very interested but learned it had been over plated by the previous owner (not a boatbuilder) with 4mm steel and decided to walk away. After this, to get a better understanding as to what I can expect for my money I called a few brokers to simply ask the question....Hay, for 25 - 35k, what can I expect? The answer was a resounding 'nothing!' - I was informed that due to steel prices 40k would get me something very rough and I would need at least 50k for anything even approaching decent. So - Is the dream over until I can save another 15k? Any and all information welcome. Thanks in advance.
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