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  1. This was assessment from Bimbly, I guess main question would be whether that MPPT would still be good if I add more panels for winter - I could reduce amount needed by doing without fridge in winter - I would love to be 100% solar - Im one of those filthy environmentalists. Thanks so much everyone for all your tips so far, really so so useful as Im a beginner at this kinda thing tem Quant Watts Hours Watt Hours Laptop 35W X 1 35 W 3.0 Hrs 105 Wh Laptop 45W Macbook Air X 1 45 W 3.0 Hrs 135 Wh Smart Phone Charger X 1 5 W 9.0 Hrs 45 Wh Rice cooker 14W X 1 14 W 1.0 Hrs 56 Wh Bilge Pump Small X 1 30 W 4.0 Hrs 120 Wh Pump - caravan water X 1 80 W 0.5 Hrs 40 Wh Smart Phone Charger X 1 5 W 3.0 Hrs 15 Wh Pump - caravan water X 1 80 W 0.5 Hrs 40 Wh Fridge/Freezer A++ X 1 40 W 24.0 Hrs 960 Wh Total Watt Hours 1,516 Wh Sun Spec Overspec by 100% with 3hrs of peak sun Amp Hrs of Batteries 12v bank of 253Ah - 505 Ah 126 Ah per day of autonomy Ah is quoted as usable Ah, if planning to use lead acid batteries to 50% DOD then double the Ah above. Solar Panels - Watts 1,011 W Solar Panels - Kw 1.01 Kw
  2. Thanks very much Tony, really useful info - is there any other monitor you think might be a better bet?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a technical question on panels, how do I know what size MPPT is best for panels? I have a 50ft narrowboat and hoping to get through most of winter off-grid. Heres what Im thinking: 4 x TRINA 325W ALL BLACK SOLAR PANEL 3 x VICTRON ENERGY 110Ah GEL DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 1 x VICTRON ENERGY MPPT 100/30 (would this be ok to use if the panels are 2 x 2 in parallel? Just dont want to have any risk of overloading the batteries) 1 x VICTRON ENERGY PHOENIX 500W INVERTER 1 x VICTRON ENERGY BMV700 BATTERY MONITOR Any tips or advice on whether this would be a well balanced set up would be great - Im open to any other choices out there too! Im in Ireland so Victron is the easiest brand to get a hold of Thanks very much in advance to anyone who has advice on this, boat has space for at least 4 panels and is on east-west canal with good open sky.
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