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  1. great info guys! What about an omni antena. Will it help to have a stronger signal?
  2. As everyone here have a boat and also need internet as a lot of us work from home. So here my question, I need the faster wifi as possible as I work in postproduction and I have lot of GB to download and upload. Any recommendation? I've been reading get as a kit of vodafone sim + tp-link router Archer MR600 or HUAWEI B535-333 + Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 is that right? another recommendation? router, antena? thank you guys!!!
  3. Just thinking that 1200k is not that much for furniture plus people plus people stuff 🤔
  4. Thanks guys for all your answers, some of them quite funny 😂 the plate it says 1200 kilos between people and luggage but nothing about furnitures but a roughly calculation I did gave me around 3500 kilos. So I guess is not a problem. but I like you calculation @dmr I'll take that one 🤪
  5. Hi! I bought a wide beam boat 50ft x 12ft I know its weight is 24.500 tones whit both tanks full but I don't know how many kilos I can put on it in furnitures and all suff. Any knows how to measure it? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for your recommendations we are gonna be in Aquadrome for two weeks and and we are next to the parking quite accesible to move heavy stuff/tools. Best
  7. Hi, How everyone is enjoying the canal. I'm looking for boat plumber to install the shower and the kitchen, any recommendation? Thank you so much. and also someone good with the electrics to install the batteries, controller and solar panles. The boat is located in Rickmansworth right now Thank in advance for your helps
  8. Thanks for your help guys! I have clear now that maybe I won't instal the hatch and I'll look for a LPG gas certificate to see what they say about the water boiler Have a great week!!!
  9. Hi guys thanks for sharing your thoughts! We'll use the boat as a residencial for London canals. that the one I'd like to be install by a professional certificad in the legislation allows it but I don't know how to know it. https://www.forcali.co.uk/ourshop/prod_6264995-Forcali-12-L-Room-Sealed-LPG-Water-Heater.html The hatch is more for ventilation but I didn't considere to build a suitable up-stand because is flat. more work to do.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new in here an also in the boat world. I've recently bought a wide beam with my partner and now is time to build it inside. I have a couple of questions and perhaps you guys can help me. 1: I'd like to install a hatch but before to do so I'd like to know if I need permission and then it will be ok for the BSS and all this paperwork. 2: I don't like how calorifier works and I'd like to install a water heater boiler LPG room sealed from Forcali o Morco I think I they really good and safe but I don't know if the regulation allows to install it. somebody know if I can do it or if there are better options? Thank you so much for your help Cheers :)
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