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  1. Follow up: you win the prize, Spoke to a mechanic who unfortunately couldn't come out, but concurred on your analysis. Managed to get a new starter off some firm in Germany (plus full service kit). Couldn't get the old one off, but another mechanic type fella with bigger tools did the job. Amazingly, fired first try. Happiest bunny in all of christendom.
  2. They have been connected to the inverter charger since my return in November. They test positive, the charge meter on the ignition sequence shows 13v, there are no other electrical issues to anything on the boat. All other 12v services run. The batteries, nor their connections, were ever below water.
  3. Definitely, and I can't stress this enough, definitely not. They're connected in parallel to the inverter charger and are fully juiced as the lights on said inverter and a voltage check attests. There's four 110Ah domestics and a 2yr old starter. The connections could well be dodgy, but the batteries are in fine fettle.
  4. Bilge pump runs, no lights on panel but there's a rapid ticking when the starter key is turned, followed by a solenoid type "thunk" when the key is released. Domestic electrics are all sound. I've jumped the +ve of the starter to the domestic banks so the inverter charges both (as engine won't run and I'm not confident the alternator still functions).
  5. I believe Richard has jacked it in, alas, else he would have been my first port of call.
  6. Hello, folks. Long time no see. So long in fact, my profile appears to have been deleted. hey ho. Anyway, cam anyone recommend a boat sparky in Birmingham? The cat has developed a wee issue in her electrics and won't start. The woes started back end of last year on the way back from Wales, domestic alternator stopped charging. Refurbed it but still no joy. Limped it home on a jumper cable but to add to the woes the engine compartment flooded over winter. Fortunately looks like none got inside the engine (oil still looks clean etc) but now she's dead. Have looked over and can't see anything obvious. One wire to starter was corroded through but I've replaced that to no effect. Any help greatly appreciated. Ian
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