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  1. Newbie here so this is possibly a stupid question, but how controllable is the heat from such a central heating system if you rely on the stove to heat the circulating water? I get that the stove won't heat the whole boat so you would want radiators in other positions but if you want to heat the bedroom aren't you also (unnecessarily) directly heating the saloon as well if you are using a stove with a back boiler? I'm happy to be told that I've missed an important point so that I can understand more when I'm looking at ads.
  2. Aqueduct Marina near Nantwich also have these facilities.
  3. Once again, many thanks for all the answers. To comment on a couple of points - I'm not so much thinking "Hmmm, Engine bay = good place to store tools" as just thinking that it's a useful general storage space and I noticed this when having a good look over my friend's boat. I'm aware that when cruising you only have what's on the boat with you and you can't just "nip out to the garden shed to pick up the ....." so every cubic centimetre of storage space has to earn its keep. The engine bay seemed to be dry and secure so was a useful area to store some items. It wouldn't be the place to store your best crockery, but it seemed like a useful place for anything that doesn't have to be instantly to hand but should be reasonably accessible. I had wondered how storage space on a cruiser compared. I also get that you can add roof boxes for additional storage but there is a height limit depending on bridges and tunnels. The engine bay just "exists" and doesn't require any additions or modifications. Again, I get that exactly how accessible, dry, clean, etc., it is will depend on the individual boat. Arthur makes a great point abut "getting the boat that talks to you". I've looked at some ads for boats that on the face of it tick all my boxes but looking through the photos and specs I just think "No. I don't like it". Equally, I can see an ad for something that shouldn't work for me but does. I'm absolutely open minded about stern type but my gut feel is that I'd prefer a trad
  4. Thanks for all the answers. Not surprsingly the answer seems to be "it depends" 😀. Just to clarify things, I'm talking of "modern trad" rather than "trad trad" so engine bay under the floorboards rather than in a separate room (but anything in the bay would still be locked away inside)..
  5. First post, so please be gentle! I am looking at buying my first narrowboat and have learned a lot from reading these forums. I've been looking at the for sale ads in all the ususal places and think I have a good idea of what I would like (trad would be my first choice and cruiser my second. Semi-trad a distant third). I've read other threads on the relative merits of different stern types and I realise that different people have their own preferences and that there's no one right answer for everyone. I also realise that the design of each individual boat might mean that something that could be considered a general disadvantage with a generic type of boat has been "designed out" in that particular boat. In all the discussions there's one thing that I haven't seen mentioned though and that is security. I've had a good look around a friend's trad stern and the engine bay had loads of storage space for things like a huge toolbox, etc.. As this is inside the boat this would be secure when away from the boat as it is all locked inside. Cruisers that I've seen don't seem to have lockable engine covers which suggests to me that leaving expensive tools, etc. in there wouldn't be a good idea. It might be realtively secure in a marina but if moored up somewhere and away from the boat it seems almost like parking a car with the windows open. Am I missing something here?
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