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  1. Not on its own but my boat gets me there! I’m just a good vintage, not quite historic x
  2. I have fully retired... scraping, sanding, painting, painting and painting, oh and getting the hydraulic drive fixed and the mysterious bubbles from underneath... joy. I cant wait to get stuck in.
  3. We are what my dad would have called, politely, ‘kippered’. The weather has been perfect.
  4. So much sanding: so much aching to come. Rust inhibitor today. The roof was red, every layer of product will be a shade of red, it will end up red. There may not be much point in charting progress but I do need to make my 10 posts ?
  5. Thank you all, yes indeed, Mark and I, are the current curators of the lovely Ballinger built from the Joey Max Sinclair pulled out of the cut. She’s moored at Alvecote where we are now with raddle paint and sanding tools of all descriptions, hoping for rain free days. Ian, I hope we can meet one day, you feature in some of the photographs! I’m looking for Alan Walker, on this forum, who owns Glenfield and is, apparently doing much more than painting.
  6. Thank you, still struggling to find out how I make new posts! ?
  7. Hello from Nb Ballinger! I am new to this platform and tentatively finding my way around.
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