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  1. Thanks Ian. I was just about to pull the trigger and order a Liebherr TP1720, but when I checked my current fridge dimensions (and cupboard size) it’s smaller ie 850mm H x 500mm W x 520mm D. More Google searching required, unless anyone knows of a 240 low energy, fridge only, of this size? ?
  2. Thanks Matty. I looked into the energy this fridge uses and came to the conclusion the ‘new” energy ratings are rather idealistic, and I’m currently trying to source one local to me. I appreciate your feedback.
  3. Thanks Matty Just checked and that looks like a great fridge, but I see the energy rating is an E. (To be honest I really don’t understand the changes in energy grade/ratings)
  4. Apologies for starting yet another fridge topic ? However the good news is I’m not going to ask if I should get 12v or 240 ?. I know what I want, ie: A grade A energy efficient 240, under counter fridge. Ideally it would be without a freezer compartment as I really don’t need one. I thought this would be an easy Google search, but I found one product that was A+ last year, being regraded to F from 1/3/21 as the energy codes have just changed. All very confusing. So can anyone recommend a fridge that will successfully tick my boxes? Thanks.
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  6. Apologies for my ambiguous opening post. She was checked out, by a Surveyor, in a survey.
  7. Now all insured and licensed. Thanks again for the excellent help and advise.
  8. Thanks gents, I appreciate the speedy and helpful responses. I'll get online now for insurance and to the CRT. She was made in 2006, and the BSSC certificate is valid until May 2022 so that sounds fine
  9. I've been searching for months for my first NB and eventually found the one I really want. It's been checked out and I've paid my 10% deposit to secure. I have my mooring sorted, and this week will pay the balance, and sail down to my mooring. Please can anyone offer advise on how and when I can insure and acquire my CRT license, ie can I pay the CRT before I fully "own" the boat? Does the current/previous owner first have to cancel his CRT licence? The same with insurance. Can I insure the boat before I've made full payment? I want to pay and sail away, and obviously want insurance in place just in case...
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