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  1. Thanks Tony, that’s v helpful and also matches what Mes Midlands said to me on the phone when I called them earlier. I am waiting for a quote from them on Monday to size up what option will be the most cost effective, but this would also mean getting the boat to Leighton Buzzard or more north, which is a bit of a trek with the engine smoking like it is. I suppose I fear going down the Petter refurbishment route and more problems arise afterwards. And then it seems like I’ve wasted a lot of money on nothing and also have to replace the engine after all. But I won’t know until I try.
  2. Lol. I think he’s really disheartened to realise he has to share his £1 million flat that overlooks the canal with the boats that live on it!
  3. It's not an old historic boat. It's 45FT Hancock and Lane with Norsman Hull that was built in 1978. It is a CCer in London but the engine has not been working properly since I bought the boat... so I do worry about it! It has always emitted a cloud of smoke from the exhaust that changes in colour and intensity - blue, light grey or white - but mainly blue. I was recently reported to CRT by a landlubber whilst in Central London for 'gassing his flat' whilst running the engine to charge my batteries one evening, because of the blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. There is black residue collect
  4. Ok, thanks everyone for your thoughts so far. I’ll ditch the Vetus option, and then it seems like I have 2 routes to go down: 1) Get my current PJ2W refurbished at a ‘proper’ Diesel engine refurbishment place (or perhaps swap with an already refurbished same model from Real Diesels or similar?) This route means I don’t have to worry about the change in torque or hp or cooling. Or 2) Replace the Petter with a refurbished engine that has a good ‘flat torque’ and insist on a breakdown of its history that I can share here for additional thoughts, as
  5. Makes sense. Thanks! Where do I find these ‘people’ ?
  6. I don’t understand this, as an engine restorer will also be making money off of restoring the engine..? I have spoken to a highly praised and reputable mechanic who offered the option of doing a full refurbishment, but the cost would be the same as getting a more modern refurbished engine. As well as this, the parts for the PJ are getting harder to come by. And you misunderstand me - my original question was whether 22hp is appropriate for a 45ft boat. If it is appropriate, I save the added cost of the £2.5k it would cost to have the additional skin tank welding to suit
  7. No, multiple independent engineers have written the current engine off, and I found a survey from 1999 (boat is 1978) that said the exhaust has emitted a blue smoke ever since the engine was first put it the boat. It has caused me multiple problems despite refurbished injectors and fuel line replacements and so on, and so I think it’s time it went.
  8. Hello, my first ever post... here goes! I have a 45ft Narrowboat with a 2.1 gearbox and 17” prop that has a very smokey and very leaky Petter PJ2W (22.5hp at 2000 rpm) which I want to replace with a newer engine, as I no longer want to keep throwing money at something that isn’t improving. Ive been looking at the 30hp - 35hp size range for the replacement engine, but my skin tank would need extending for this, and this adds to the cost significantly due to the boat needing to be out of the water and the welding work done (an additional £2.5k) The sq ft of the current sk
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