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  1. That in itself is an interesting story, I'd say. It's not exactly the watery idyll that I was hoping to find, but it might be an interesting way into the story. I am definitely interested in people opting to live on boats due to the high cost of housing in London, and I appreciate it could feel like a bit of a trap even if it has its compensations. If you could point me to anybody who would be willing to talk about that aspect, I'd be grateful.
  2. Thanks to everybody for comments both positive and negative, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Hopefully this is just work in progress and I look forward to any other thoughts you may have. Have a great weekend, g
  3. I can fully understand that people are wary or jaded from the tiresome gawping of often insensitive journalists, so I'm not a bit surprised and I don't blame them. Yes I live in Hackney near the River Lee and I'm afraid I'm one of those people who walks along the towpath often admiring all the different boats, wondering what they are like inside and fantasising about selling my house and setting off on a boating adventure. Given that it is still tricky to travel on public transport and I would like to meet people in person - albeit keeping a safe distance - I thought it might be easiest if t
  4. I think Hackney has changed since then TBA, but sorry if you had a bad experience. G
  5. Hi Tim, I understand that people are weary of it! Luckily I'm under no pressure, as I don't have a commission and will only pitch when I get somewhere and have something fresh to offer. Hopefully if I do manage to get something done it will be one of the few good ones. People I have interviewed in the past are normally pretty happy with what I write. I got the most lovely Tweet from somebody just the past week who is still delighted with the way her story was presented many years ago, and given that it was a really difficult experience of medical negligence she appreciated the empathy she
  6. Thanks for your comment. I can't tell you what the 'angle' is before I've spoken to people, as that would be imposing my own view. I've got questions but so far not enough answers to give you a proper comment. Hopefully from speaking to people something will emerge. Thank you for your faith in me, whether the comment is meant to be ironic or not! Hopefully if I speak to enough people I'll get somewhere. Ted Koppel is actually a real person, he is now in his 80s but was a high profile TV host in the USA. Sadly we are not related, when my cousin lived in America she tried
  7. Thanks for the laugh! Thanks for your response
  8. Apologies if this post infringes any of the forum rules - I've been advised this might be a good place to find people. I'd love to hear from anybody living on a boat in London for a possible lifestyle article in a newspaper or magazine. Especially interested if you have permanent mooring/ often frequent the River Lee in Hackney. I can go further afield, but am currently trying to avoid public transport for obvious reasons. I am freelance and this is pre-pitch, so am looking for people with interesting/unusual stories about life afloat and a real passion for the way of life, but
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