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  1. Thank you all for your input and suggestions, I feel far more optimistic about my plans now! Excellent point, I had automatically assumed it would be a costly HIAB job so had put road transport to the back of my mind but I guess it could be towed. I'm currently waiting for a reply from Tony Tugboat and in the meantime, does anyone have experience with other boat transport companys that they would recommend? Also does anyone know whether a yacht of this size could be loaded/unloaded onto/off of a trailer using a slipway or would it have to be a crane job? Also I was being
  2. Hello all! I'm currently living aboard a yacht on the Norfolk broads and have been thinking recently about moving to the canal network for a number of personal reasons but I'm struggling to find definitive answers for some of the issues this move would present. My plan is to stay exclusively on the northern parts of the system with York, Liverpool and Leeds being areas I want to spend most of my time around. And so I have two main questions for you wonderful folk: 1. Are the dimensions of my boat practical for cruising the canals? She's 26ft long with an 8.2ft beam and a 3ft draft (her saili
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