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  1. Following is a copy of reply direct from Mike Bellamy of Lancing Marine, the designer of the direct cooling system on my boat. This may be of wider interest. =============================== Hi,Oh!This is old.The manifold is one that I made about 50 years ago, definitely early '70s, for the 1.5 with direct cooling.As far as I remember at this rather late stage, the water circuit was:-SeacockOil cooler(s)Jabsco pump mounted on the port front mount bracket.Into block, but I can't remember where we made the connection. Probably on to the circulation pump inlet, but I can't
  2. Thanks for thoughts on cooling fault options - useful stuff. Unexpectedly yesterday Lancing Marine did pick up the phone - after 4 failed attempts. I had to submit my issue in an email and soon got a detailed answer from the designer of these conversions. The work was done practically 50 years ago and Mike had trouble recollecting all the details, but I did get a very comprehensive answer. I have asked for permission to post the 'authorative' description of the Lancing direct cooled BMC 1500 on here. The solar/alternator charging system I'm sure can be sorted out satisfactorily. Th
  3. For completeness (Tony Brooks) the exhaust emerges in the middle of the lower side of the cooled exhaust manifold into a piece of rubber exhaust hose that passes under the engine to the plastic silencer/muffler on the 'wrong' side. I have not figured out where the cooling water joins the exhaust gases. No obvious water-injecting exhaust elbow.....
  4. Thanks again for all the inputs. Problem is boat is 2.5 hrs from home so difficult to get more pictures. Have owned 3 marine engines in yachts (rebuilt two of them) plus various outboards. This boat is not in fabulous order, but the price was right so I thought I'd give canals a go for my retirement.... I will get the make of outdrive from the owner though that apparently works OK. Lancing are not answering the phone for the moment. The engine only has one Jabsco-type circulating pump (in place of the conventional car/rad centrifugal pump) which had impeller issues back in the sum
  5. Thank you Flyboy and Tracy D'arth for such prompt replies. I have no exact info on the transmission yet, but it is and outdrive (sterndrive?) Next thing that interests me is that there seems to be no visible inlet manifold or air filter. You can see the crankcase vent pipe sits there unconnected. The inlet would have been on the same side as the exhaust I presume and somehow tucked under the exhaust manifold?
  6. Captains My first post on this forum. I'm in the process of buying a Norman 22' cruiser presumably from the 70's. There are issues with the ancient engine and the vendor does not know much about it. It ran in the summer evidently. He has provided the attached photo of what might be an engine number - 15zf/u/d219. The only other obvious factors are that it is now direct cooled and the manifold seems aluminium with "Lancing Mariner" cast into it. Can anyone help identify please? Chris
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