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  1. Thanks to the useful replies so far, to the click bait comment, I have been planning to build a garden office for a while and the idea of using a boat came into my head, if you can live on one then why not a office, with a toilet and kitchenette area for making tea and coffee etc? I’ve already run a water supply and electricity to the out buildings it would be near and there is sewage pipes in close proximity. how tall are narrowboats out of water? Permitted development allows up to 2.5 meters height if you are within a 2 meters of a boundary, but like someone said I could overcome this b
  2. Hello everyone, possibly a bit of a strange one but I’m guessing people here would be able to answer some questions on wether my idea is silly or is possible. I was planning on building an office in the garden for my partner, as she works from home, when I’ve had the idea of finding a damaged narrow boat and converting that into her home office, we have a very long and narrow garden and I thought it would be a bit different and nice than a fancy shed. So my questions are where would be best to look for a boat to buy? I essentially just want the structure, it doesn’t matter what the sta
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