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  1. Thank you to all who took the survey, I now have enough responses to continue with my project and so I have closed the survey. For all those concerned, I took Design and Technology at GCSE and came out with an 8 (which in the old grading system is an A*), so I am confident in my knowledge of the specification that the questions I asked in the survey has got me the needed information to continue with my project. As stated before, I chose this project because I already have pre-existing knowledge on canal boats, my family owns one which I have in fact sat on the roof of whilst cruising whilst be
  2. I understand that many people require clarification as to the type of canal boat i am looking at. I have mentioned a traditional canal boat, this is exactly what I mean- a traditional stern which is 'traditionally' found with a boatmans cabin. I also do know about the different types of canal boat as I have been on both a traditional and semi-trad. I chose to design some form of seating for a traditional stem as I am well aware of the lack of space and the safety implications that go along with it. I have chosen this because I already have existing knowledge on it.
  3. Hi All, For my A-Level Design and Technology I am required to make some form of product from a chosen context. In which I have chosen to design and create some form of seating for traditional canal boats, for use whilst cruising. I have chosen this context as a family member owns a traditional canal boat, I am aware of the lack of space at the stern and the fact that there are not many current seating ideas, which opens up a broad range of possibilities for a prototype. My main ideas are more looking at some form of seat on the roof of the boat between the hatch and the gunnel, that can b
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