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  1. @matty40s thanks for your quick reply! Looks like she was sail away lined with a partial fit out by Whilton Marina. The original electric circuit looks to have been professionally done, with a dedicated circuit in place for a water pump which was then later disregarded for some weird ad-hoc wiring. I’ll keep hunting!
  2. Hello everyone. My first post to the forum so forgive me if this is already answered. I’ve tried searching the forums but can’t quite find the answer to this. I’ve just bought a standard layout Liverpool Boats Widebeam from 2004(ish). Hull is of standard construction with a solid wall between the cabin bilges and engine bilge. As with many Liverpool boat fatties, the fit out seems to be part professional and part DIY. There is one very tiny cabin inspection hatch at the stern. Just big enough to put your hand in. Visual inspection shows dry ballast. To the touch, however, it is slightly damp. Enough for it to come away at your fingers. Given it’s the middle of winter, I’m not worried. But I thought I’d consult the forum to make sure this isn’t an issue. I assume it’s just cold/condensation. Should I only be worried if I spot standing water? On a second note, a previous owner has decided to relocate the water pump and wire it in separately to the switch board. I’m trying to chase back the original wiring, but would anyone be able to point me towards where a boat builder may have located the water pump back in 2004? It’s definitely not directly after the tank or the first faucet (kitchen tap). Was it practice at the time to perhaps locate the water pump alongside the whale gulper, even though this would mean it’d be after the last faucet on the circuit? Thanks for your help!
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