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  1. Hi there We have a widebeam which weighs approx 27 ton although we hope we never have to use an anchor as we are moving around this summer and want to make sure we have one especially on the thames and kennet and avon we have been looking at anchors that are suitable. We have been advised to get a 20kg danforth, would anyone agree with that size and type of anchor who has a similar boat. I really dont know anything about the type or weight required so would really appreciate some guidance. Also we would want to keep it in the engine bay when not moving so dont want so
  2. Hi again have been in contact with him a few timesche is a nice guy but they are full right now thanks though
  3. Thanks blackrose old Windsor is nice know the area well hard to find mooring there though but have thought about there before
  4. Hi there we love the north prefer it up there didn't think our boat could get that far. Thanks interesting points. What's it like where you are now ?out of interest do you prefer it to London ?
  5. Hello everyone we have a 59 x 12 widebeam and are currently moored on the Thames near London and we are looking to move away from London somewhere quiet and safe it does not matter where we go we have no ties to London. If anyone has any recommendations would be interested to hear. Security and privacy is important to us and London has no appeal to us any more. Thanks
  6. Hi we basically was sold this system when we knew little and have only realised now the issues so just want to get it right now. To be clear we have 3 sections of flue 1 x 1000mm and 2 x 500 mm the 1000 mm is in the cabin, half of the 500 mm is between the cabin and outside with no join and the other 500 mm can be removed when cruising as is scre on attached to the section sticking out through the flashing. The main issue it seems is between the ceiling and roof having no support there so if we get that additional support for that area such as the picture I sent then this should stabil
  7. Hi thanks am using a twin wall the only part I can see for between the roof and ceiling is pic attached there is rubber flashing on the roof but there will be no join between the roof and ceiling of the flue so will be one flue section going through .
  8. Hi everyone we have decided to go for a chilli penguin stove as overall this stove is not right for us anyway and am ordering it soon when I get paid. Just wondering as want to make sure this is right this time in looking at the diagram online for stove fitting frI cant see a roof support between the ceiling and roof like the pic attached do people fit these types of supports in boars and are they necessary? Thanks
  9. Hi we have decided to order one of these stoves thanks for the recommendation can I ask do you have a roof collar with yours I.e something that holds the flue in place through the ceiling and roof ?
  10. Yes it was I have had a fellow boaters come and help he confirmed needed the rope needed to be on there was not sealed properly he has sorted it out and it is being tested now fingers crossed no more problems was going to change the stove but will stay with this now as too much hassle if it is now working correctly thanks again
  11. Hi this is the top of the stove where it joins the back of the stove there is a pin prick size hole am going to fill with fire cement. Have got the spigot off and there was no fire rope behind and neither was there any on the plate at the back I am disgusted with the fitter. I am going to put fire rope where it should be where the spigot meets the stove and reseal it all am thinking this was why the flue was expanding so much
  12. I have just taken the stove apart again with a view of getting the spigot off to check rops I can see a tiny hole where the weld is daylight is coming through wondering if this can be filled with fire cement or is this not useable it is a very small hole hard to see from the pic
  13. Can I check I have done this right the top of the spigot has been dug out fire rope put in and silicone on top I cant seem to get the spigot off of the stove so no idea whether there is fire rope under the spigot when installed and if there is none under it is that a problem, is there a way to get the spigot off on arada stoves cant find it on the instructions and cant see screws inside the stove Sorry if I sound stupid you guys are a godsend I was asking london boaters and only got people wanting money for advice wish I had of found this place earlier
  14. Hi thanks for the picture that is exactly what we have and it is tight. The whole ceiling is filled with insulation the one in the pic the person installing the fire took it out from that area but I have some left so can easily stuff that up there does it matter if it touches the flue ? This is the stuff it is called knauff earthwool
  15. Hi again still problems with the flue I am going to call someone in unfortunately I am on my own with this at the moment as hubby has a disability so am doing the best I can. Can I please check something as this was all installed by someone I would not use again and have had another look tonight under the ceiling collar. There is a large gap between the ceiling and the twin wall flue to combustible and then the flue goes up through the roof and out through some rubber flashing which keeps the water out. I can only see a small thin bit of rope that is hanging down a bit and it is
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