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  1. Has anyone had any experience with building a solid structure to replace a fibreglass/canvas structure? My cabin cruiser had a central cockpit, I am hoping to replace the current canopy with one with solid siding and lockable doors, anyone had DIY experience with this kind of thing or can recommend someone who has? Cheers
  2. Absolute newbie here so be gentle. I have just bought a cruiser that I want to equip with solar panels. The boat already has one very small one that says its drawing 12v when I looked today. How many solar panels and how much wattage should I be looking at getting to power a liveaboard lifestyle of: phone charging, WiFi router, laptop use, sewing machine, fridge, electric oven and small projector. Just looking for an estimate. Ive been looking at 350w panels but not sure how many would do the job. Thanks!
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