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  1. Sorry todd If you've added your name to the email list it'll all be included in that but I'm not wasting my time with people on this forum who want to pick peoples Gramma apart for fun. .
  2. Hi everyone, firstly just wanted to say thank you too everyone who contributed. I've decided to take a different direction on data collection because I'm not going to get the numbers required. If it was summer I'd have sat out at a lock. bit of a shame in terms of a useable product. But many ways to skin a rabbit. I've progressed in the sense of data collection. And have been using NLP and Fuzzy Parsing to obtain data. I'll now be cleansing the data. And selecting a training set from this. I've been drawn towards integrating a reinforced learning algorithm to help optimise the output. Will update all on the results after Christmas only via the people added an email to the survey. This is because of the stress I seemed to have caused many on the site.via my rubbish Gramma, spelling and subject matter.
  3. Thanks for the input And I yes I think I might reword some of these questions. and I completely agree with you on the variables needed. thank you again
  4. Yes that's correct, relate all your answers to the date it was valued. And 'other' if good for your means of valuation Thank you for taking the time
  5. Okay. Look I'm not trying to rub anyone up the wrong way. My written English is not very good so please don't make fun of it. I don't really understand what the issue is with being a boat owner and asking people for information about the boat they have to help my research project. I'm not forcing anyone into it, and I'm not asking if what I'm doing is pointless. And I don't want anyone to give me what they would regard as private information. Its up to you If you want to know anything about the project. Just ask. More than happy to explain my hypothesis.
  6. Hi Arthur yes that data set is priceless for me. In knowing those figures from those dates I can begin to understand how demand and inflammation effect today's prices. Thanks for filling it out.
  7. I have already had a look at survey monkey and its feature are better, however i was not willing to make a financial commitment. But thanks for the suggestion
  8. Live and let live tony I'm taking onboard advise as I go. I am asking for a contribution knowing that it is of no financial reward. it is up to the community if they wish to support or not and i am OK if people don't want to waste their time. I have selected to keep some mandatory fields because i deem these as key factors in the data's features. I am not able to allow navigation without them using google forms. I do state the questionnaire will take about 15 minutes. Anyways. take it easy
  9. Arthur thanks for the recommendation. I'll add 'others' to the bottom. Just for my own sanity can you explain with an example what questions you struggled to answer. I might be able to reword something. As for the required field's these are generally denoted with '*'! do you recommend this is added to the introduction? Regards
  10. Wow She is an old girl, I've extended the date and add Iron Good luck, my just make the England game seem exciting filling this out before!!!
  11. I'm almost up to 30 data sets So big thank you to everyone who has contributed or tried to contribute. Much appreciated
  12. Thanks Alan I've changed that question to your suggested wording thanks. I'd class Webasto & Eberspacher as electrical diesel heaters which I've got as an option. (Or would you think a better wording was apt?) All answers should relate to the date associated with the value you have stated. It seems you've put yourself through enough pain for one day. unless your a gluten for punishment then you don't need to bother repeating the exercise. tho it would be interesting to have in the data set. thanks Thanks ill add them
  13. Hi thanks for the attempt. Would you mind sharing those details so I can add them in? I'll also add a other section. As I'm sure this will happen again too. Regards
  14. Ok thanks Tam. I'm aiming for 400 data sets so everything is useful even if you had to get creative.
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