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  1. thanks , its a v hull too, and seems well built
  2. the owner said she was 1996! i think i might have to have a look on her in a few weeks and make my own mind up if she feels right!?
  3. we are going to stay on the mon and brec thanks
  4. thanks for the responses, i was hoping someone on here my have owned one there does not seem to be much information out there! we only have the owners description so far, as unable to visit the boat due to covid, apparently they are a where a welsh boat builder, the boat is on the mon & brec canal and he said it was a local builder
  5. Hi, we are looking at buying a 42 ft Celtic Narrow Boat built in 1996. can anyone help with some information on this company? i cannot find any information on line, i am interested in build quality, hull thickness etc. does anyone have any experience with the boat company? any help would be very much appreciated thank you James..
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