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  1. I am looking for affordable blacking facilities on GU(grand union canal).
  2. look thoroughly all from about JP3 ... now it seems very common issue(starting JP)
  3. any advice about the engine working (NON STOP) hours? each start(DAY)continuously 4Hours OR 6Hours OR?
  4. 70 ft and 6 feet 10 inches wide
  5. do you prefer thames river route??... My plan is from "grand union canal " to "Oxford canal"
  6. Im planing a journey from LONDON to Oxford... any advice would be appreciated... thanks
  7. thanks for every ones helps.. thanks
  8. apologize my ignorance... sorry
  9. this is the my narrowboat engine...
  10. sometimes it dosent start... its my 3th DAYS with Narrowboat
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