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  1. This thread has digressed quite a bit from my original query regarding "is the Springer worth the money". But that's good. Lot's of great advice, food for thought. I must admit I'm still often struggling, at the moment (and probably for the foreseeable future ), spotting if a particular boat is good value or not. So many variables. I'll have to keep learning. If I do buy a boat it will almost certainly be the single most expensive purchase of my life so far and unsurprisingly I'd like to try and get it right! Thanks again to EVERY member who has shared their v
  2. You edited your post with that addition. What are you on about ? You've no idea what I do for a job. Im not rich and I'm not poor. Renting just seems like burning money. And who knows what the future holds ? I don't want to be a caretaker or anything like that. Good luck switching jobs during the pandemic anyway. You seem a bit full on.
  3. Well it did come across slightly as "you've no skills, no ideas, health issues and money problems.". 1. Debatable 2. I have but they could well be poor. 3. Not any more. 4. All relative. But no worries. I'm all about the love. ðŸĪ—
  4. Yeah but you can get that in many walks of life. People starting projects they never finish or barely get started, Boats, cars, steam engines, matchstick models of the deathstar. I'd like to think I'd get it done but who knows. Shit happens. Two years out of the last five barely working due to disabling ill health reminds me to 'expect the unexpected'. 99% better now. Then just as (or not long enough after) I was properly back earning friggin covid and lockdown ðŸĪŠ All advice and thoughts gratefully received. That's why I posted. 10 grand a year in rent (cheapish round here). There got to
  5. Agreed. Have messaged the owner but no reply as yet. I'm naturally suspicious. When I rented my current flat I paid the small fee with the land registery to confirm the owners. Then insisted they show me photo ID to prove it was them. They didn't mind but said no one had ever done that before, though they check the tenants. Explained for all I know they could just be tenants moving out and pulling a fast one.
  6. I agree neither are good boats. Both now rejected. Not looking for an investment. Looking for somewhere to live that is mine. Stuck in the rent trap. Based in Newbury. Would continually cruise. Aware that logistically it's not simple but doable. Colour me perplexed as well. There's a lot to research. And to begin with the recent research was to a large part based around fitting out a sailaway. And licenses and rules etc. I started to be turned away from that idea and only in the last few days started looking at 2nd hand boats. Everything seems overpriced if I co
  7. Thanks. I'd be on the K & A, Thames, and Grand Union oxford so that wouldn't matter so much but well spotted. I've decided to pass and regardless after querying the engine issues and mentioning a survey being essential before buying I've not heard from the seller again so I think that speaks volumes.
  8. Cheers. Well I messaged the owner to find out a bit more 👍
  9. Originally with the widebeams just battened and spray foamed. Fully lined I worry a bit that I'd have to rip half of it out to do the plumbing and electrics and I'm not convinced it's generally the best finish for the extra spent. And over budget. As always happy to be told where I'm wrong. With a narrowboat sailaway maybe the budget could cover it ?
  10. Does look quite nice inside and out. "Hull survey done August 2020 - some recommendations advised. Some gas work is needed doing (re-routing of some pipes) for the BSS certificate. " I can message about what the recommendations are but regarding the BSS. and showing my complete lack of experience, is it not a catch 22. No BSS no CRT license until fixed so I'd have to remedy it in situ before I could bring it home ?
  11. Thanks for your input. I'm taking my time as it does seem to be a bit of a minefield. And I'm potentially going full circle and wondering if the sailaway option might be the best idea after all ? But with say a 56ft ish narrowboat rather than a widebeam? Originally I was considering a smaller widebeam sailaway. Then I learnt that roughly 60 x 12 up is potentially zero rated for VAT so thought it made sense to aim at one of them. But as I've said earlier in the thread the realisation hit me that trying to pilot a boat that size singlehanded, with a supreme lack of experience was almost cer
  12. This is true. But I've also read on here recent posts stating that reasonable narrowboats are available around the 25000 pound mark. And don't necessarily want to spend all my money just because it's what I've got. But if I do spend the lot on a narrowboat now that rule out the widebeam dream for a long long time It's probably been said a thousand times but narrowboats are just a tinsy bit too narrow, ruling nothing out. all advice appreciated. That's why I'm here. Springer ruled out already. Totally agree. It would have to change. No matter what superstitions are involved. I'm
  13. Already have. As it's appointment only. I think the loophole is that viewing flats to rent and houses to buy is allowed. Why should a liveaboard be different ? But don't want to descend into politics. They are open is all I know.
  14. Fair question. I was originally considering buying a 60ft x 12.6ft sailaway. Either commissioning one to be built or I've seen some ready built for about 53,000. Then after reading on here saw the advice is generally to buy secondhand first. Plus being realistic decided that it was probably a lot foolish to start out with a big new boat when I've no experience of piloting a craft of that size single-handed (and very limited experience of smaller narrowboats), or fitting one out, though I am quite handy. But the intention was to slum it on the boat while I fit it out around me. After
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