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  1. Good evening Many new camper vans are fitted with hydraulic beds that raise/lower and store on the ceiling when not in use. I have viewed hundreds of narrow boats and have not seen this set up in any of them. I would have thought this would be a perfect solution to save space and to avoid having to make a bed up daily. Is there a reason why this technology is not used on narrow boats?
  2. Thank you, that’s something I need to consider. Thank you guys, that’s a very re-assuring post. Thank you Jen
  3. I should probably have mentioned in my post that I want to maximise the amount of Northern waterways I can reasonably access without causing disruption or damage to other boaters, whilst still operating as big a boat as I can comfortably live in. I have seen shots of the L&L and parts of the North West and really needed to know if this was accessible with a 60ft boat. We are downsizing our life and are not quite ready to go to a NB but feel that a WB is a good first step for us.
  4. Good Morning I am hoping to reach out to your skill and experience. My wife and I will hopefully be purchasing a Widebeam boat in 2021 to constant cruise the South & the North widebeam accessible waterways. Research and watching hours of vlogs has made me aware that in the South we have the Thames, GU and the K&A and that I will need to lift out to access the North. My concern however is the North, looking at the map it would seem that to access the North West and the Liverpool & Leeds Canal boat length will be an issue. Would I be right in thin
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