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  1. Thanks Tony, Ours is a new build, currently at sailaway stage about to be fitted out. Should we have, or do we need a power audit? We plan to live aboard for at least a year from mid-Jan and cruise straight away, weather permitting. When moored, or stationary due to weather I assume that's when recharging batteries is key so are 4 x 140A Vetus AGM domestic batteries large enough to provide a robust 12V system, and easily rechargeable? Other than the fridge, we'll have an under dinette 12V freezer and I believe the LED lights are 240V, which along with any other 240V appliances(toaste
  2. Our new 57'nb will be powered by a 42hp engine with twin alternators & 240V is courtesy of a 3KW inverter/charger. The 4 x 140A Vetus AGM batteries are supported by 2 x 250W flexi-solar panels. My question is simply this: do we have enough firepower for a standard 240V fridge or is 12V still a much better option? Again, substantive reasons for either helps us and keeps the nb fraternity bubbling! Jim
  3. I would never have thought flexi-panels would cause corrosive problems to the metal roof.
  4. Whether new build or retro-fit, just looking at energy efficiency which is better: flexible solar panels which follow the contour of the roof, or fixed which can be tilted to the sun? Are some designs and makes better than others? We would rather invest a little more if the results were better - but knowing which brands give better results is the secret!
  5. But, if you've the choice and money, have both fitted. Do you mean have SF & a diesel stove fitted?
  6. Very interesting comments with the majority in favour of having a stove, and the majority of those having an SF - where is wood free?. Maybe the builder doesn't want the hassle of installing a stove, similar to his opposition to installing a dog box? Certainly a stove provides a homely warmth and SF offers insurance against the diesel engine going AWOL, but how unreliable is a brand new diesel engine? So in scoring major brownie points with 'er indoors how does an SF stove compare with diesel, in terms of heat and cost?
  7. Thanks Rob. Do you find its heat output to be easily managed? My worry is it wouldn't be used unless it's VERY cold. This new boat has foam sprayed insulation and even though the boat builder has a vested interest in installing a stove he's saying we shouldn't - however, the Mrs wants one! Who do I listen to????
  8. We're looking at fitting out a 57' nb, reverse layout, so the lounge will be mid-ships. Is a solid fuel or diesel stove too hot and turn out just to be nice to look at?
  9. Thanks for your truly experienced opinion, in particular the Dutch barge. I have looked at this option, is it more limited on the canal network because of its cockpit?
  10. We are in our 60s, never having owned either. We don't know how long we will live/travel on our boat though it will be at least two years. We are flexible on budget up to £100K but not knowledgeable on the fundamental must-haves for mechanicals ie engine, boiler, heating etc. We realise the navigable limitations of a wide beam but suspect its comfort is a positive trade-off. Thank you for your helpful input. Jim
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