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  1. this is a cutwater stern design. not very commonon on the canal. water is drawn from beneath the baseplate. i believe xr and d boats use a similar design. she swims beautifully actually at canal speeds, not much throth coming from the prop. she seems to reverse much more directly that every other boat ive been on on the canals. im planning on taking her coastal at some point and i think ill definitely need to add some sort of uxter to get anywhere near 7-8 knots
  2. Great Ouse River Board why didnt i ever think of that! thats great thanks everyone, ill search for some records when i get the chance.
  3. both ends of the boat are identical. never been extended. never been powered or used with a tiller. its all riveted with some overplating in places mainly due to grab damage. baseplate is still a strong 8mm again all riveted. sides are 3mm im assuming due to the difficulty of rolling the hard iron.
  4. here's a little more information dimensions are 48 x 10.5. there is grab damage to the load area.
  5. Evening all, I've been trying to find information and history on my lovely barge that I've been working on for the past 3 years. I've inevitably had lots of towpath opinions however these vary quite dramatically. Im curious to see if theres anyone on here that has any solid knowledge of approximate build years, area and purpose of build, any solid information at all really. Please only chip in if you're absolutely sure, everyone i meet seems to guess and sends me down the wrong path!
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