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  1. You are correct, can you believe that these flats are now going for 175-250k - I cant affoed one!
  2. Thank you for explaining about the electricity, I use a gaming PC alot & am unsure of the amps it draws, how would I find out? I understand about the "closeness" of other boats but still prefer that to something like this
  3. Size of accomadation is not relevant to me, I would rather be in a small box on the water in a peaceful location than a similar size box in some urban sprawl. I do not assume that living on a boat is cheaper & am not seeking a cheaper lifestyle just a more pleasant one for the time I have left, I just had some questions is all, sorry I offended you.
  4. Hi, I am a recently widowed 60 year old with a heart condition. I have a mortgage that I can no longer afford due to job loss so am contemplating selling up & moving onto a boat ratherthan some poky little flat. I need medication to manage my condition & regular cardio appointments so the idea of continuous cruising although very appealing is probably out of the question for me. However I do have the opportunity of a residential mooring in a location that is good for me so have some questions. How much roughly to transport a 60ft boat by road to the desired marina? I assume
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