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  1. K8*

    Boat missing

    Well thanks everyone for all the help and support. It is good to know the boating community does want to help in such situations. It's nice to know there are good folks out there, an antidote to feeling that others can't be trusted. I do also understand any scepticism where there's been domestic violence cases in the past, nasty, I'd be the same and sensible to be cautious. But overall it does feel like there's a resource there if the worst should happen to track down a boat if needed. Fingers crossed I should have it back by the end of the week :>)
  2. K8*

    Boat missing

    Yes Arthur, it does make you think more about this stuff doesn't it, there's not much that really identifies a boat, that's one thing I've realised. I'm certainly going to put some thought into that. Well Higgs I was very afraid for a while that it was something like that. When C and R tell you something has vanished off the system it is easy to jump to conclusions, but in hindsight possibly just a couple of liberties were taken and if it's returned then, well frankly, all's well that ends well.
  3. K8*

    Boat missing

    Yes David Mack I did explain it at the start - nothing has changed, it was supposed to be returned and wasn't and went missing, but now, since involving the police I have more hope that it will be returned.
  4. K8*

    Boat missing

    Thanks haggis. Yes for sure.
  5. K8*

    Boat missing

    Sorry there was no reply for a bit so I thought this would be a dead end and haven't checked it for a while. So yes I did say that it was last thought to be in B'ham canal network. Nope, no other owners involved, just me. It was a complicated agreement where I was approached by a stranger with an offer to do it up if I let them have it for a while and then someone else had it that I didn't know, who refused to give it back. The person that took it from me said they believed this was all fine and no problem but C and R still haven't spotted it at all in the last 3 months which does seem bizarre and made me very worried. It should have it's number displayed in the window. Yes that's right, that was it's home mooring for a while. However, the police have been fairly helpful and have done some checking and negotiating for me and seem confident it will be returned to me in the next week, so I am not so worried anymore. Thanks for all you help and advice guys. When I get it back I think the very first thing will be to paint the name on and maybe the number too.
  6. K8*

    Boat missing

    OK so the C and R trust say that it is incredibly rare for a boat to be stolen - fairly hard to do in fact, and I am trying to just hold on to that, but yes like you all I did panic and fear the worst. I just would very much like to know where it is so if anyone sees it please let me know, thank you. I believe there is some possibility it may be in the Birmingham canal network... and yes I do know what that means :>(
  7. K8*

    Boat missing

    Hi Boaters, I am trying to locate my boat Grace (name not on side sadly), number is 504062 if it is being displayed. She is a dark blue 40 foot narrow boat with a cruiser stern. There are three large top hopper windows on either side. Chimney front right and three brass mushroom vents. She was on loan and has not been sited by Canal and River Trust since July, I'm not really sure what the situation is, and I have not been able to reach the person she is with. However, I have now reported her missing and the incident number is SP20200926-0013. Any help much appreciated. All the best, Kate
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