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  1. Hi All. so very strange thing happened the other day in that i thought i would give it another go and try starting the wash on the inverter and then plugging in the genny so that it can charge the batteries at the same time ( i have done this maybe 15 times before but every time i put the genny in the loop the circuit cuts and the machine door lock lights go out and it stops) well this time it worked ( using a new Hyundai genny ) so i thought id try it on the honda as well and yep it works too. so essentially i have a work around but its nothing that i havent tried before. so still a mystery but a good one now rather than a frustrating one. thanks for all your advice and help along this very odd journey steve
  2. its a good call and i have a friend who does have one and planning for him to come over. however i have just tried a brand new out of the box Hyundai 3.2 KVA on the machine direct and still no joy. proper stumped by this. it seems i may have to buy a cheap £200 noisy genny to do the job
  3. Yes its the spanner in the works for my machine but my genny runs my nieghbours machine with no issues. i have put a galvanic isolator in line bit no faults and still not working Yes spoke to them but they cannot see an issue as the genny teats fine. my thoughts is its the machine but a fault as such but it just doesnt like gennys
  4. hi. yes i saw your post from way back then but didnt see a solution so started a new one hoping i would get the result from your post sent to me hehe.. fi did try the leaving it on but the machine has a timer built in that will cut it off if not used for 10 mins so i cannot try that. ive tested the inverter and the genny power and they both match perfectly but the really odd thing is that it will work on the inverter but the batteries cant cope with it and when i try to charge at the same time to allow the batteries to do the job but the machine cuts off as soon as the genny kicks in. its stumped many good people including idersit who sent out 5 engineers and a new machine.. the mad thing is it runs of the neighbours genny which is a cheap unbranded thing that is falling apart haha.. ill keep at it and if i come up with something ill post it here cheers
  5. I haven't as such, but it works when used with a different power source without doing that. Its also brand new
  6. Yes and it does not work on any mode as the door lock light does not come on. this seems to be the issue
  7. Yes i did try and have a load on at the same time but still nothing. And the smaller genny worked fine without the extra load. the machine works fine on the inverter but my battaries dont like it and it cuts out half way through. i even tried it through the inver whilst charging the battaries but no joy
  8. Good point. Essentially it turns on fine but the door lock light does not come on. (the door is locked though) this seems to be the main issue. As if this light does not come on the sequence will not start. its a safety feature on the smaller genny the light comes on
  9. Hi. I have a honda 26i Generator and it will not run my new washing machine. so heres the sequence —honda 2.6i does not run my machine BUT it does run my neighbours larger machine - so not a load problem —my neighbours 2k unbranded noisy generator does run my Machine - so not a load problem both machines have digital inverter Motors any advice At all welcome their machine is no longer on the market so i cant buy one. many thanks in advance steve
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