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  1. Yeah, looking at getting a pre-purchase full survey on a 50' boat close to london with an asking price of £27000 (im not paying that much though). And i have recieved two quotes, one for 690 from a well regarded surveyor (tony tucker) , one for 700 from a well regarded surveyor who had to travel a bit further (Vladamir Chorbadzheiv) and one for 450 from a surveyor who I could not find any reference to online who I will not name. And dont worry, i am aware of the additional costs of craning etc. Its cool anyway, i have decided to go for Vladimir as i got a really good review of him from Mark Douglas on the phone. I just thought it was an interesting question regarding the differences one may be quoted. I had a boat surveyed early in the year and eventually opted for Tom Keeling who was fantastic but had been quoted 390 by another surveyor i didnt go with.
  2. What would you class as a fair price? £700 for a full survay?
  3. Exactly, I would feel much more confident with the cheaper ones if they charged moor. Which is stupid but how I feel.
  4. Has anyone had any experience using a survayor who charges less than £650 and have they found them to be satisfactory. I have found surveyors to charge between 700 ish £ to 800 £ to do a survey and then I have been quoted around 400£ for a full boat survey by others. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  5. Hey everyone, Another one of those, can you reccomend a surveyor in Hertfordshire posts? I'm looking to get a pre purchase survey. Specifically, I have spoken to two surveyors, Vladimir Chorbadzhiev and Colin Mallard South. Both can survay the boat however Colin is available two weeks sooner which is appealing to me for a veriety of reasons namely that the boat needs blacking and if it passes the survey I am awair that I will stuggel to black the boat in late October. However I had a good recommendation for Vladamir and he seemed very good when I spoke to him. Colin also seemed very good on the phone but he charges significantly less, over £200 less for a full survey which makes me uneasy. Does anyone have any experience with either of these professionals or could recomend more names for me to enquire with, ive spoken to a lot of people 80% of whome are over worked atm. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. I am curious to know people opinions of old boats vs new boats. If one was looking for a modest boat, with a modest budget of 20k does it make sense to chose the boat built after the millenium vs the boat built in the late 70's. I know this is one of those how long is a piece of string comments, and I know its all about maintanence with old boats. However I (maybe incorrectly) feel very distrustful of the older boats at the lower end of the market but am I wrong? Is it possible to find a 20k boat built in the 70's that will hold its value within the next 5 years, not fall apart and not require an extensive overhall, have you seen any recently? Or would you say the safe bet is the more modern post 2000 boat that looks to be in good nick? Any replies are readily appreciated.
  7. this is great advice, I will bare it in mind, hadnt thought about looking at the through holes thanks
  8. Ok well thanks for your advice. I wasn't saying I wouldn't get a survey done, I refuse to even look at boats where the owners are unwilling to have them surveyed, however I am hoping to only pay for the survey and lifting once again after already rejecting one vessel on the long road to life afloat. I guess it all comes down to having a good old fassioned punt.
  9. I'll have a think and see what i can come up with, I wouldn't mind another income streem in atm, I could put it into the most high tech of toilets. So basically its almost impossible to get a gague whilst the boats in the wated? I would obvs get a survey but im tentative to waist the money unless im reletively confident the boat is not a piece of crap. Would you say based on the age of the boat that its due some major work?
  10. Is this different to standard pitting of thr hull and how could this be obsurved from an assessement of the boat when in water. Deffinatly looks broken which is a shame as the hire boats apparantly had a large hold for "crap". Can I ask if you can reccomend or link me to any ways of checking the waterline for pitting and rust (its always confusing what with the presence of alge and damage to the blacking coating. I would love some advice on assesseing that element when the boat is in the water.
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on this vessel, http://vcmarine.co.uk/boat-sales/maggie-60ft-pinder-cruiser-stern/?doing_wp_cron=1599175334.7347450256347656250000 Having done some research on the boat I can only assume that it was built by a reletively well regarded builder (Pinder) and has a reletively reliable engine. I assume that it was an ex-hire vehicle. I know that the internals are not groundbreaking to say the least but from the perspective of the age, builder and apparant condition of the superstructure I am unsure as to why this boat is not A) sold already (it appears to have been listed for a while and what with the market being so crazy at the minute) or B priced higher. I am sure there is a very good reason for this and there are a whole host of terrible reasons why this is the case and why this would be a poor purchase. However, as I am working with a budget of 25k (i know there will be additional costs for a survay which I will deffinatly be getting on any boat I consider in addition to insurence etc) I am curious to know your oppinions as to why I should not be interested in this boat. Any advice would be really appreciated.
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