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Floating Round Britain

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  1. Don't worry, we will keep coming back, as I stated before we only listen to people with something good and decent to say.
  2. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to you for taking the time to write such a long message for us, we have read it all and take onboard all notes pointed. I "Martin" have been on the canals for 4 years already and started off on a GRP Dawncraft with the intention of moving onto a narrow boat within my 5 year plan, clearly that has happened and currently on a 30ft narrow boat on my own... me and Jack have been planning on getting a bigger narrow boat so he could move out and move aboard so that's what we have saved up for over the last few years from our jobs, me as a freelance web designer and Jack as an accountant. We hope what we will be providing will give a slightly different outlook on the network but only time will tell, even if we only get 20 views on a video its not so much about that, its about us having something to look back on in the future. Regards Martin
  3. Jack is an accountant and can work from home or at his mums office if he wishes to do so, im a freelance web designer so I also can work from the boat or the middle of a field. Don't worry, we are not put off at all, we only listen to wise people with half a decent thing to say!
  4. Oh dear... we both have jobs, i'm a freelance web designer and Jack is an accountant, we are very self sufficient thank you very much. We own our narrowboat out right and didn't take out a loan or finance. So that is about the best reply you will possibly get, don't judge a book by the cover in the future.
  5. Thank you very much Laurie, we are very much looking forward to it! Thanks for the welcome, we won't be able to pay you in cash but we can assure you we will pay you in spectacular views. Not even sure what to say to this so i'll leave it at that... By building up a base of people who are interested in what we are going to be offering, we have already had some great support!
  6. Thank you to everyone who has been genuine and kind in your responses, we will have our first video our "Intro" out this coming Saturday so keep an eye out if you have already subscribed.
  7. We are just getting it out and about for now to build up an audience base, people who are interested will subscribe ready for the first episode.
  8. Good morning everyone, today I am able to share a little bit of news, me and my best friend Jack are working on a new channel called Floating Round Britain, our plan is to almost provide Slow TV in episodes of 30 mins for people to experience the canal network... it would be great if you could support us and head over to YouTube and subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe50Te2QxpCEcCspo5M06NA We are aware the channel currently doesn't have any content, this is because its brand new and we are building up interested people into an audience base over the next few days, thank you! We are still working on recording Episode 1 and will update people as soon as we have finished, you can also search for Floating Round Britain on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks Martin & Jack
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