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  1. Ah yes the vertical ones look quite good! From what I understand average windspeed in the uk is roughly 8 knots. Not all actually start working at this speed so I guess its a matter of doing some rough calculations on how useful it would actually be. The noise wouldn't bother me but I would be worried about annoying other boaters (same goes with using a generator).
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering whether to use a combination of solar and wind systems for my boat. The rationale is basically that in winter solar is rarely enough (while in summer a good system will produce more than can be used!) and so wind should make up the shortfall. Does anybody have any thoughts on using wind turbines/any recommendations? Also I was worried they might get loud and bother neighbouring boats. Thanks in advance! Alexis
  3. Hey folks, I am aware this may be a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question but roughly how far in advance should you start looking for a narrowboat? For context I am looking to purchase a roughly 30ft narrowboat in roughly one years time. How long does it usually take for a sale to be agreed upon? Will any boats I look at now actually be on the market by the time I am ready to buy? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for your thoughts @LadyG! RE size 30ft is enormous in comparison to the spaces I have lived in in the past :') Recently realised that the time I have spent in cockroach and mice infested student rooms have cost me more than a boat would... rather bleak realisation! Going to be spending a few weeks aboard a 30ft ish boat though so I suppose we will see!
  5. Great thanks! My plan would basically be to cover as much space in possible on the roof in panels
  6. Good point! Will have to revisit practicalities. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey there, So the solids waste aren't too much of an issue since that container needs emptying far less frequently. With respect to the urine one people seem to either empty it on the ground (which I think is questionable unless it is in a very quiet area!) or empty it into public restrooms. The latter seems fairly viable for this. Also worth mentioning London isn't a given - it's just the most tricky circumstance to handle so thats the one Im planning for!
  8. Bloody hell thats cheap! Mind if I ask what solar panels you use?
  9. Hey there! Yeah I know its rather full particularly in more central canals. To be honest I might well not be in London (really depends on where masters/PhD is) I just figured it would be worth planning for that eventuality. I did try to join the Facebook group and message the admins but I couldn't get in Thanks RE diesel! What do you think would roughly be reasonable? More like 400?
  10. Hey all, I am new to boating and am looking into moving onto a live-aboard narrowboat in the next few years. I have spent quite a lot of time researching what this might look like financially and have made a rough budget breakdown for yearly running costs. I want to know from someone who has actually some experience boating whether my numbers look sane or not! The error bars represent the rough ranges that might be expected for the costs. I have attached images of a bar graph, pie chart and spreadsheet breakdown of the likely expenses. Any feedback would be really helpful! Context: * Looking at getting a 30-57ft narrowboat (probably nearer the 30ft end!). Either semi trad or cruiser. * I plan to fit any boat I get with a compost toilet and solar panels * I would only buy a narrowboat with a multi-fuel stove and would try to forrage wood/use my families logstores rather than buying wood/coal. Also I like the cold :') * I will likely be continuously cruising unless there is a reasonably priced Marina in London! * I am relatively practical (for a student at least!) and can perform a reasonable amount of DIY/maintenance on the boat myself. P.s. if anyone would find this spreadsheet useful I am happy to share it via messenger! Afraid it wouldn't let me upload that file type.
  11. Hi all! Looking to move onto a narrowboat in the next year or so and continuously cruise! I have many, many questions! Best, Alexis
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