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  1. Yes that's right. I'm the OP, and not very tekkie. The boat is occupied by someone even less tekkie, I dont sail in it and I don't knowthe engine history. My "diagnosis " is based on simple observation and knowledge that the engine has often been run on low coolant levels and not been topped up. Ive been told it often overheats so im pretty confident that overheating has blown the gasket. I have a few ideas about the cause, probably the water pump or stuck thermostat but given that it looks likely we'll need a new head gasket and as its not a job I'd like to do I just wondered how much that bit is likely to cost. Thanks for the helpful pointers i have an idea about costs now so my question is answered. Anyone who wants to hazard a guess at diagnosis can watch this video, but quite honestly I ll be getting an expert in now i know likely costs to confirm diagnosis. Much better than online diagnostics.
  2. I'm asking how much someone else may charge. The boat is moored where you can drive up to it. Im asking how much someone else may charge. The boat is moored where you can drive up to it
  3. Steam and oil leaking from side of BMC 1500 engine. From what I can see I strongly suspect I'll need head gasket replaced. Anyone had this done? What sort of cost am i looking at to get it fixed?
  4. Yes it's that Anita Jane. Age and origin unknown and undocumented
  5. Last night there was a big mettalic "ping" and it seems the weld cover at front of boat near waterline has come away due to rust. Temp repair made with Sikaflex, and obviously I need to get it out of water and repaired. My question is, (and I know its a how long is a ball of string question) but from the picture below, what ball park costings might I be looking at for a repair? (based in leeds) TIA
  6. Thanks for all your help folks I'm working on all suggestions. It does need a lot of TLC, but its on its way to recovery now I know what I'm dealing with!!
  7. Right, so that's the gearbox. Great. Have I included enough detail for people to tell me if I have a raw water system or heat exchanger?
  8. My neice has purchased a small (32ft) narrowboat. I'm a newbie too but I'm trying to help her get to grips with what she's bought... 1. In the engine compartment is BMC engine, No idea of what size it is. I understand the cooling system could be one of two types, raw water or heat exchange. Attached is a photo of what I assume is a heat exchanger, could someone confirm this, or else tell me what it is? - Also what is the plunger thing that the arrow is pointing to? 2. Secondly, there is a tube between the propeller access box and the drive shaft with a tap at each end. - What on earth is this for? - Photo attached. Sorry for naive questions, but this poor lass needs help to get her dream boat sorted!!
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