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  1. Hey everyone is there any logical reason why someone would nail the bow doors shut? I only ask as a boat come up for sale that was in my budget (rare thing) but oddly the bow doors appear to be nailed shut. Is this suspicious? It might sound paranoid but I just wasn't feeling the tone of the advert. I keep seeing adverts with all variations of 'no time wasters', which I understand, but how do I know your boat is worth it without seeing it? I'm not looking to waste my own time with a 6 hour round trip. I've digressed from the main point here, but it just got my back up. If anyone wants to see the boat with the screwed shut doors it can be seen here: https://m.apolloduck.com/boat/springer-35-cruiser-stern/640979
  2. This has been really insightful and interesting as I have the same sort of budget. Sitting out this season might be the most sensible approach
  3. Yes we rang the broker today and it is under offer, so we won't be making the trip to see it. Have learned a lot of useful things from this thread to keep in mind when going to view boats in future. Thank you all
  4. Excellent collective advice. We now have a sound checklist, and I feel more confident about going to see it ?.
  5. Thank you all! This has been super useful!
  6. Hi everyone, I could use some brutally honest opinions on a boat my partner found and wants to go see. I think it needs blacking and an engine service. My partner wants to see it based only on the price, and I'm super worried it's a potential death trap. It's from 1976! This is the boat in question: https://www.greathaywoodboatsales.co.uk/shop/cedar/ Any thoughts and options will be gratefully received (even if it's don't touch it with a barge pole!). Thank you
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