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  1. Sorry I haven't been very active lately... Life has been a bit rough with the Covid thing. Thank you to anyone who has helped me out
  2. Hello there, I'm looking at getting a Aintree Boats narrowboat built. I want a cruiser stern and would like to know from someone who owns (or knows someone who owns) a Aintree boats cruiser or semi trad stern narrowboat and whether the drainage for the engine bay works properly?
  3. As you pointed out, there are no standard measurements, but what would you say is the optimum length for the deck on a trad stern
  4. This in my opinion is a good idea, as someone in the earlier threads stated if you got a hatch that ran the length of the engine room (half shed) it would make entering/exiting a bit easier and you wont have to crawl out on your knees
  5. I agree with this, the op seems to be here getting a feel for other people's opinion so he can make an informed decision on what stern type will suit him best.
  6. Yeah, I have, at the moment I have a 70 footer with a RN DM2 in it with the traditional controlls
  7. Hello Mike, Would it be possible to hook the traditional gear lever up to the spool valve? This is a very idiotic questions... I don't know much about hydraulics, but if I have a hydraulic pump setup, how I stated earlier, but without the gearbox. Would the speed of the boat still be controlled by the engines speed? That is a very stupid question, but I was unaware as to whether a hydraulic motor needs more rpm to get moving properly. I am sorry about that, but I'm a joiner, so I don't know much about this kind of thing. I dont really like morse controls, as I think that they are too modern. I am also a traditionalist... For items/ideas that are practice/useful/or just cool.
  8. Hey, I was more interested in having more head room than space under the bed, as I am 6ft tall. Thanks for the advice though.
  9. Hello There, I have a unusual question for everyone... I'm self fitting out a narrowboat at the moment, well I will be when the hull is finished, I'm putting a classic engine in it, specifically a Russell Newbery DM2 (I know about all the restrictions on classic engines, and the way to get one in a new build so I don't need any information on that). Now, I don't want a 70 footer as I will be a solo boater, and I would like to cruise as many canals on the system as possible. So rather than having a boatmans cabin (please don't have a go at me, I see the space in those as useless), I am going to have my bedroom at the very back of the boat. But as the prop shaft has to go underneath the bedroom I loose headroom. But I have thought of a solution, I'm not sure if its possible though. I want my boat to feel like any other classic engine but with a twist. I want it to have the classic engine controls (speed wheel and handle), so for that I would need a normal gearbox (PRM 260 or something similar), and with that I would need a propshaft unless. from the gearbox I have a hydraulic pump, and then hydraulic pipes go to a hydraulic motor at the back of the keel. If you don't understand what I mean I will make it a bit simpler here: Engine goes to gearbox Gearbox goes to hydraulic pump Hydraulic pipes from the pump go to hydraulic motor Hydraulic motor goes out keel to the prop I hope that little extra bit helped, I would love to know whether this is possible to do or not. Thanks, Niklaus
  10. Hello, Im not saying its better, I'm just saying I'd rather be more enviromentally friendly, but after reading the threads here, I have since decided otherwise. Thanks, Niklaus
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