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  1. Hi there I am looking for some assistance tackling the Audlem flight on the Shropshire Union Canal on the 12th of March. If anyone is available to help please let me know. Cheers
  2. Hi there. I've been having a problem recently with a leak from my Thetford c200 toilet bowel to my cassette. The problem appears to be that water from the electric flush is seeping past the shutter blade of the cassette which results in a the cassette being covered in water as well as the cassette cupboard taking on water where the cassette slides in. Initially I thought it was an issue with one of my cassettes but now using my third one I can see the problem in persisting. It's getting to the point where I will slide the cassette out from beneath the toilet only to find it totally covered in water but not urine or feces...so could it be a problem with the toilet bowl itself? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks .
  3. They dont appear to be cheap on the market though. More affordable than a Aqualine.
  4. I was told by a broker that LIverpool boats are the most sustainable liverboard vessels due to their headroom and low gas usage. I have heard things about pitting issues so I'm not sure if this statement is true. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi All, So I have put in an offer on a boat subject to survey. The survey is being conducted next week along with the blacking if I choose to go ahead with the sale. What is next in regards to insurence and a CRT license? I've been so wrapped up on searching for boats and marinas I've entirely neglected how to go about obtaining these two crucial aspects of boating. Any advice as always is appreciated. Cheers
  6. That is surprising, but good to know. I was also under the impression that the survey would need to be in the owner's name for it to be valid insurance wise too, but what you've said contradicts that. Perhaps boat insurance is simpler than I anticipated.
  7. I'm still curious about the private seller asking for a deposit, and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable handing over a large sum with no guarantee. I read on an older post that it's to secure the buyer's interest, but it would feel incredibly precarious when there is seemingly no real reason for a deposit (if the buyer has money ready). If the buyer books a survey, is that not secure enough to prove intent to purchase?
  8. Is it not the case that if you don't have a survey conducted in your name you are then unable to get insurance on the boat?
  9. Was there any kind of paperwork to protect the buyer's despoit? Is this standard practice? I don't know how i'd feel about wiring 5k to someone I met off facebook a few weeks prior. Also was there no survey organised by the buyer?
  10. Hi All. I'll be on my way to view a boat this weekend which I'm quite sure I'll be putting an offer in on it everything seems ok. Admittedly I am a novice so I've been given a few bits of guidence in regards to what to look out for when viewing a boat. This will be the first time I have viewed a boat that is being sold by a private seller. I have visited brokerages in the past so I am familiar with the Offer-Deposit-Survey-Haggle-Bill of sale format. But how might this differ with a private seller? What steps should I take if I love the boat and want to get things rolling immediately? I imagine I will have less guidence from a provate seller than I would a broker. I am aware that brokerages seldom offer any more security than a private seller would, but as this is my first purchase I'd appreciate the step-by-step help that one might expect from a broker. Thanks
  11. Hi. I'm just reviewing a "Data and Specifications" document on a boat I am considering purchasing. The Length is 60 foot, the beam is 6'10 the design draught is 2'2. This all seems fairly normal. However the "Air height" is listed as 6 foot only. This is a 2006 Liverpool boat and I feel a cabin height of only 6 foot is a little small taking into consideration the curved roof and year. Is "Air Height" the same as 'Cabin height' as in what most people call 'Head room'? Any responses will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. The suitable boats I have found on Apollo Duck have been situated all over the country yes. But a good handful of them have been around the Midlands. Ones closest to me in terms of geography seem to come with a London price tag and I have been less impressed by what is on offer down south for my budget.
  13. Hi All, I've posted a couple of times regarding my intention to buy my first liveaboard narrowboat. Long story short I found a boat that I thougth was for me, drove 300 miles to view it, and the boat was not as advertised so I left it. I currently reside in Brighton so there are very few brokerage's even within 100 miles of where I'm situated. My new plan to to rent an Airbnb/travelodge/hotel etc around the Daventry area once lockdown is lifted so I am closer to the action and can view boats coming on the market immdiately. I have also given my details to the majority of brokerages around the Midlands and North with what I'm looking for but I've only recieved a few calls regarding what they have coming in. It all seems rather slow and as I'm a cash buyer with a decent budget who is looking for a liveaboard immediately, I thought I would be a somewhat desirable client. Have any of you dont something similar to this? My plan would be to stay up around the brokerage area for around 2 weeks...if not longer. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks
  14. That's a shame. I thought there might be some specialised options for him.
  15. Hi All. A friend of mine has shown enthusiasm in regards to purchasing his first boat and has asked me to ask this fantastic online community about loans/mortgages some new boaters might be able to obtain with little upfront capital. He is self-employed and runs his own online business for reference. His desired budget is around 40k. I believe he wants a cruiser stern but isn't much fussed on the layout/model/design as long as it is functional as a liveabaord vessel. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  16. Yeah we've rulled all crossbeds out. I dont seem to fit on those either so it's always disappointing when you see a fit out with one.
  17. Yes it seems to be the case that the boat owner is responsible for providing the measurements. It is unfortunate, though, that cabin height being such an essential requirement was not double checked or something to that effect. We called up specifically to check the cabin height and still had our time wasted. I wish it was something that was readily disclosed by boat sellers. My budget is £50,000 and it seems that I can get a late 90s/early 2000s boat in that price range which is of good quality. As I understand it, the newer ones are likely to be taller. Anything before the 90s looks to be very short in general. It's good to know about the more modern boats! noted!
  18. HI all Yesterday my partner and I went up to the midlands (a 300 mile round trip) to view a boat which I'm intending to use for liveaboard purposes. We first found the boat listed on brokerage site and loved it. I called them up immediately to check the cabin height to see if I could fit. I was assured the vessel had head room of 6'6 which was great news. We had been swooning after this boat for the best part of a month, we also put down a holding deposit on it so we could be the first people to view it once lockdown ended. This ended up being slightly pointless as I was then told by the broker that we were able to come view the boat whenever we wanted because it would be my primary source of residency. Anyway after the long drive up, I stepped foot on the boat and *donk* the top of my head was grazing the ceiling. I knew within 5 seconds that this wasn't the boat for me as I was unable to fit inside it comfortably. I then made a measurement and saw that the cabin height was in fact 6'3. I then when to the bathroom area to see if the shower was any different but no. The shower must have had headroom of 5'10 (raised bath platford) We were then told that the sellers had given those measurements to the broker so that's what they were going off and was there reason for giving me the missinformation of a taller cabin hieght. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this issue when looking for a boat and also if there are any particular boat builders who typically supply a generous headroom of 6'6 and above? Any advice would be appriated because I feel I'm back to square one now. Cheers.
  19. Hi All, My partner and I are going to view a boat that we intend to purchase as a liveaboard sometime soon in the coming weeks. Apparently brokerages are permitted to opperate for the sake of liveaboards during the lock down. We're currently based in Brighton but will be going up to Coventry to view this boat. This is obviously a very long way for one boat which we might not like the feel of in person. Can anyone suggest any other marinas in the Crick area aside from ABNB, Braunston Marina, New and Used Boats? I feel our options will be limited due to the pandemic. All the big names seem to have little to offer in terms of choice. Thanks very much
  20. Thanks for your reply, Jen! No I think we will be avoiding the brackish and tidal areas for our first year. We've seen enough videos and it just looks too stressful for our first year! We are more than happy to go the long way around (Grand Union/Oxford) as we are in no hurry to be anywhere, luckily. Thank you Dr Bob! I think it'll definitely be beneficial to keep our plan flexible - cake included.
  21. Hello everybody. My partner and I have decided to spend our first year on our 60ft narrowboat cruising! Our plan is very loose and we don't have anywhere in particluar we need to be (thankfully). However, our plan so far has been to go from Coventry towards Wales (and do the Llangollen), then backwards onto the Shropshire Union canal to then travel down to Bath/Bristol area. From there, the Kennet and Avon seems lovely too. We will be starting our journey mid June (when I expect the canals get busier) so we will hopefully be enjoying Wales in the summertime. We are both nature lovers and enjoy bird-watchig and fishing etc... Prior to this, we are going to give ourselves some time cruising up and down the Ashby canal in order to get comfortable with the boat, though we have both driven and stayed on boats before. We have some broad questions and just generally would like to hear about other people's plans for cruising around all year. 1) Where did you cruise in your first year of boating? 2) How far in advance do people plan their journeys? 3) Are there any areas which would be espeially seneic and palatable for first-timers? 4) Is there a route which is particularly quaint with tearooms and such? (we like cake!)
  22. Thank you for the all the replies, Regarding the Alde gas boiler, Is this used to heat the water as well as heat up the boat via the centrel heating? I plan to use the stove for the majority of the heating purposes so will the aldi still be costly if it's used just to heat the water? Thanks
  23. Hi there, I intend to use it as a liveaboard. I'll have to look into ALDE boilers. I've heard them mentioned a few times before as fairly pricey to operate. Thanks for the reply
  24. Cheers, Rob! I must say it is at the top end of my budget, Would you value it more around the 45k mark?
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