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  1. Wow! Feel like I chose the right forum, thanks for your replies. Lots of useful info and avenues to consider there, I'm definitely feeling the benefit of your collective experience. I'll do some more research and shopping around based on those suggestions. I hadn't noted the need for an air gap to achieve claimed efficiency so my 'too good to be true' suspicions seem confirmed. One further thought... The rest of the interior is staying intact for now, but once the bedroom is completed I'll have one (hopefully) better insulated section of the boat in comparison to the rest. Should I anticipate any issues at the point where the 2 sections meet or am I over thinking things? .
  2. Hello all, first post so go easy (though some tolerance of mild jibing and teeth-sucking allowed). I've taken the plunge and just bought a rusty old 70ft trad to renovate and liveaboard, as usual my timing has been impeccable with lockdown making things that little more difficult. First amongst the long list of jobs to complete is to rip out and replace most of the bedroom. The boat had been abandoned for 2 yrs prior with a mushroom vent stolen so a fair amount of water has come in through the roof. Most of the wood panelling, floor, and battens were damp so have been removed. The water trapped in the roof has been re-condensing on the internal steel causing rust and minor pitting, treated this with Aquasteel and repainted. I'm looking at using this to insulate the roof https://www.screwfix.com/p/ybs-superquilt-multilayer-insulation-1-5-x-5m/80967#product_additional_details_container Description for those who don't want to click link - Multi-layer reflective foil insulation for roofs, walls and floors. Made with aluminium for maximum thermal performance, the reflective properties keep the living space warm in winter and cool in summer with effective solar over-heating barrier. Lightweight and flexible. Fast and simple installation without any harmful fibres or particles. Thermal Resistance up to 2.50W/m²K Thickness: 40mm Seems easy enough to fit and acts as a vapour barrier when sealed with aluminium tape, also gives a U-value of 0.4. Just wondering if anyone here has experience of the same? Does it provide enough insulation on its own (bearing in mind I'm a southern softy)? What adhesive is best to fix to the steel? Does it provide effective vapour barrier? I'm aware foil bubblewrap is NOT the answer but this isn't bubblewrap. Would consider Kingspan/Celotex but concerned trying to fit to the curved roof would result in lots of snapped and ultimately useless insulation boards. Previous installation was 25mm polystyrene which I'm trying to avoid for fire safety reasons Theres some 40mm blue foam roof insulation to re-install under the gunwhales, planning on 25mm Kingspan for the walls. All sealed with foil bubblewrap and aluminium tape. Like I say, absolute newbie with only vague ideas of what I'm doing so any constructive advice most welcome... I'm sure I'll be back with more questions, probably a few tales of woe and if I'm lucky a few success stories too
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